May 3, 2009

Animal Farm Story @ Ulu Kapit

Having become part of the longhouse dwellers for a day or two we were delighted to immerse ourselves into the everyday business and at the same time help them spiritually.

During a break from our work Aaron and I took sometime off to check their domesticated animals.

My friend Aaron tried his PR with this very special friend who is pink and white and absolutely living in a good penthouse condition!! AT the top of a small hill there is spring water which runs down from the top to keep the pig pen clean and cool.

At the time of this little farm adventure we had no idea that there was a world crisis involving H1N1 swine influenza. We had no phone connection. There were only two Astro satellite dishes in the longhouse and without the generators working in the day time we did not watch any TV at all. And anyway we were happy to be out of touch with the world for several days because we were actually learning so much from the Iban people in the longhouse.

I have named him Snowball. He eats only organic food (yam-tapioca-leaves and rice husk mixed with cooked rice)

Can you snore as well as I can snort?

he is absolutely friendly. He loves coming near anyone who calls to him.

"I am glad you are here with the longhouse people!"

It was sad to leave behind our dear little friend after two days. We hope he will grow into a handsome young farm animal and be a blessing to his farmer owner.

(My apologies to my friends who may find this four legged animal a little not to their taste and religious value. I do not have any offensive intention.)


chung said...

What a sweet series of photos...Do you know that pigs before they are slaughtered know their forthcoming fate? They will wail and break your heart.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

You can say that again and again. Part of my childhood was in a farming environment by the Rajang River. Before any of the festive seasons my third uncle would slaughter a pig for extra cash. The night before all the pigs will squeal and shriek in a heartbreaking way.

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