May 6, 2009

Deep Fried Crispy Roti Canai of Kenyalang Food Court Kapit

These are my friends Lina and Lisa. Lina was a nurse in Kapit serving for many years. While in Kapit we saw that she was given a warm welcome every where she went. Her former patients embraced her with joy! And like a YB every one wanted to come up to shake her hands and know what she was doing in Kapit. They would have loved to have her back in Kapit.

There is always some special food associated with each little place that you visit. In Saratok we once discovered our special Saratok Soup where our third daughter drank it to the last drop - even after her father had already started the car! This particular traveller's incident was very memorable. I could never make that special Saratok soup at home! Daughter would shake her head and say "No! Not quite!" One day we will go back to Saratok and order that soup again.

In Kanowit it was the Mushroom Juice (bottled drink) which we would drink every evening to cool ourselves down and give us nourishment when we crossed the Rajang River from Sedaya.

And now in Kapit we found deep fried crispy Roti Canai.

For many years hence we would be talking about this unusual dish as it was something very much awaited for by our friend Lina who missed it when she is in Miri where is now working and settled. She took us to have a try. And yes it was love at first bite.

I would like to start a standard report for food from now on (1 - 4):
Price : (one coin - excellent value) RM1.50
Preparation : Totally halal (Muslim lady proprietor who has been owning the stall for more than 15 years)
Taste : (3 kopi-o cups) (Good and recommendable)
Service : (3 spoons) : Fairly quick
Proprietor's friendliness : (4 smiles) Very very friendly and kindhearted
Am I coming back? ( 4 footprints) - yes definitely.

2 comments: said...

I like roti canai and I am sure this is nice!! said...

Yes you must go to Kapit's Kenyalang Food Court to try this special deep fried canai....

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