May 22, 2009

Bow Tied Men of Sibu through the Ages

Ever since young I have been fascinated by men wearing bow ties and neckties. I believe there is an aura of propriety and respect when a man wears either one. For whatever reason men wear a tie or a bow tie most would think that he is formally dressed for an occasion in his life. Perhaps it marks a very special occasion in his life! It can range from his own wedding to his offspring's wedding. Or it woulc be for a jubilee.

This is my parents' wedding photo in 1948 . My father looked handsome and dapper in his bow tie and white suit. Mum was serious and shy. Grandfather Tiong Kung Ping also turned out in a bow tie and looking very smart.

Grandfather Tiong Kung Ping stood tall and every inch a patriarch in this 1951 photo for the Methodist Masland Church Jubilee

This is a family photo of my Third Aunt Pearl . Uncle Lau Pang Kwong looking good with his bow tie.

Here is my grandfather visiting his children and in-laws and grandchildren in Singapore. Uncle Goh Soon Tioe with bow tie standing next to Aunt Lily.

One very recent photo of my cousin Richard Tiong wearing a bow tie on the wedding day of his daughter Sally who was born in Sibu. The mother of the bride is Teresa Ong. I hope one of the Sibu bloggers would be able to recognise her.

Today throughout the world many men continue to choose between the bow tie and the tie. Many pediatricians wear the bow tie because children would not be able to grab a bow tie as easily as a tie. Donald Tsang of Hong Kong is often called "Bow Tie Tsang".

To many the bow tie is a legacy of British Colonial influences. In fact many would tend to agree that wearing a bow tie indicates gentility. Datuk Shahrum Yub (Mr. Muzium Malaysia) is the most famous Malaysian man who loves wearing bow ties. He has so many bow ties that he holds the record in the Guiness Book of Records.

Which do you prefer? Bow tie or a normal tie?


Anonymous said...

Definitely! Men who wear bow ties are very special. I am a fan of Dr.Shahrum Yub and Donald Tsang of Hong Kong.
Thanks for the articles.

kamaliah said...

These photos are very memorable. And every one seemed to be so proper and neat!! Wish my grandfather had a photo like this!

chung said...

I never knew that people long ago wore bow ties so well!! Nice to see all these pictures.
I think my father bought one or two neckties for his work. I have several from my school tie to the present ones. Not too keen on ties ..I am a t-shirt man.

sarawakiana said...

Anon - thanks. I did read about Hong Kong upper crust loving bow ties. And Donald Tsang is also nicknamed Bowtied Tsang!
When I was a student in KL Dr. Shahrum was already famous for his bow ties.

sarawakiana said...

Thanks again for dropping by. Old photos are very very treasured items to keep. Thanks to my various aunts and uncles we are able to share many photos these days especially with new technology.

sarawakiana said...

I know of men who never wear neckties in their whole life!
Thanks for your comments.

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