May 13, 2009

Fresh Young Coconuts and "Young at Heart" Hairdressers in Rh.Bajai

The temperatures were really high (38 degrees) when we were at the longhouse which now proudly have zinc roofing (but no ceiling) with concrete walls which all speak of modernization and progress. However unknown to the people they did not realise that their forefathers had the right architectural approach to tropical rain forest living - wooden structures and high sloping timber roofs which could capture the coolness of the forests- Today Rh Bujai has electricity from generators and even refrigerators and gas stoves which make life so much easier. But the cooling effects of the old longhouse structures had been sacrificed .

(The tide was low and it was hard even for the express to manoeuvre in the river. It had not rained for several days) We were given a great welcome by one of the longhouse dwellers since this is not the first time the Church has come here for a visit. We were treated like relatives coming home.

Lina's aunt presented us with coconuts. Pastor Jonathan showed us his skill in "chopping of" the coconuts with three strokes of the parang. The drink really quenched our thirst at the right time. It was also our rest time cum hair dressing time.

Several of us took the opportunity to cut hair and dress up the children's hair.

I had the pleasure of cutting the hair of a very very old man who told me that he was more than 90 years old. But I still need to practise cutting extremely short hair or what they call "the crew cut".

We acted as mobile hairdressers with great joy in our hearts especially after the special rain forest thirst quenchers!! God has been provident indeed!!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see "outside" people going into the interior of Sarawak to do special projects.
thank you.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks. Special projects are meaningful to both the volunteers and the longhouse folks.
The learning experiences are life impacting!! There is always joy in sharing with others what you have and what you know.

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