May 4, 2009

Going to Kapit by Express Boat

There is only one way for ordinary people to reach Kapit from Sibu - by the Rajang River. There used to be a regular flight by Twin Otter to and from Kapit. But that was like a century ago. Really. In the 1970's and 1980's. The speediest means for ordinary people is by an express boat which looks like a submarine and rocket put together. Some rich and famous can use helicopters and high powered speedboats. Some adventurous ones can paddle a longboat but that will take days against the tide and currents.

Everyone is waiting for a road to be built to link Kanowit and Kapit. Then Sibu would have a link road to Kapit. But then Kapit would lose it magical lustre I reckon.

This is the usual signboard to show (to the illiterate this is especially friendly) when the boat will leave.

The team moving off. Yeah...Dasline like John Travolta - strutting out ! We were so Full of enthusiasm and Joy.

All the expresses have very up to date names like Vision 2020 or Sibu Boleh or this one....I rather like the old Foochow names - Sing Hai Hong or Nan Chong.....(I am caught in a historical time and linguistic warp)

Getting through the small opening (door) is quite a skill..mind your head! mind your feet! mind the steps!!

While waiting for the express to move off many hawkers will come to ply their Dasline our leader is having a good bite of kompia!

This is Daniel on the left from Mei Ang Church. Jessie our treasurer is in the middle. Pastor Jonathan is from Selangau Methodist Church. This photo shows the good standing space one can have in the express.

I have three models here to show you how comfortable the PVC-ed seats are. Someone remarked that the seats are similar to AirAsia. We paid RM25 for these first class seats...Yes there are indeed second class seats in the middle. At the back portion you get the normal seats. You can recognise our cheerful Pastor Jonathan here in the front. Grace is at the window seat. Jenny is on the aisle seat.

Going up to Kapit a traveller can see lots of purchases piled up on top of the express. However the more precious stuff are placed in the front portion very similar to a plane. We each received a bottle of drinking water for the price we paid as first class passengers!

(WE had been travelling since 5 land from we were a tiny bit tired...)


chung said...

One of these days I must make that trip to Kapit. Many of my friends have planned many trips but because of the amount of time needed to make a good and worthwhile trip we never made it...I don't think we should wait until we retire!!
Thanks for the nice photos.
Any news of a new airport for Kapit?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Chung - nice of youto visit. Yes you must visit Kapit while it is still developing.
There used to be an airport in Kapit. But I haven't heard anything yet.

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