May 28, 2009

Love is in the Lim's Kitchen

In between two weddings (one in Miri and one in Penang) I was able to have a restful coffee morning with my friends at the Lim's Camwood Road home. When Agnes calls up for breakfast or coffee morning at her home you can expect something extraordinary.

Her kitchen is a dream kitchen fitted with everything you may like for yourself and the pantry is better stocked than Chop Kim Choo sometimes from organic food to hard -to- find butter or walnuts.

The photo shows Agnes' creativity as a quilter.

Agnes brought an antique back from Australia.

Here's Agnes showing us her almost finished quilt. The whole house is full of her art and craft.

This is her organic bread...fluffy and soft with a great tasting crust.

This top notch banana cake is from Mrs. V. Wang. Better than Secret Recipe I can assure you.

This laksa soup is made from Agnes' own grandmother's sauce (the admirable grand old lady supplies some of the better laksa stalls in Kuching). The quality of Agnes' laksa is well known in Miri because the sauce is different from the ordinary Kuching laksa sauce . Her grandmother continues to make the sauce by mixing the ingredients by hand!! I got a packet off her for my daughter in KL (so that she can impress her friends). Orders can made through her and the sauce may be couriered to you.

Both husband (David) and wife are gourmet cooks. David fried the filling for Agnes while Agnes said that it was no trouble to wrap ONE HUNDRED zhongzi the night before the coffee morning. When husband and wife work together in tandem nothing is too difficult!! Each zhongzi is richly filled with well seasoned pork and mushrooms and chestnuts and other goodies. This nyonya zhongzi actually weighs more than 300 gram . Perhaps 5 ringgit is just enough to cover the cost.

Happy ladies with great expectations of a great coffee morning and lots of laughter.

I just had to take a photo of David's family portrait taken in front of a Sibu government quarters. David is the littlest boy on the left. What memories!

I left with a thankful heart and "tiong"(tah pow) back two zhongzi and half a loaf of the wonderful homemade bread and of course a packet of the laksa sauce for my daughter.

Happiness is a coffee morning in the Lim's kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Hi I haven't read much of your blog recently. This is very interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...

Ooops as your blog is new I cannot sign in as pandantimur!! I have to use anonymous. Just to let you know.

justin said...

A very good detail study of a nice group of women having fun and quality time together! Thanks for giving me a peep!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks Anon...hope you visit again. The old blog can only take articles without photos.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Pandantimur

thanks for dropping by....sign as anonymous...but you can always write pandan timur at the bottom!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Justin

Yeah we ladies have good conversations - good good and....that is what great hospitality is all about!!

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