May 25, 2009

Madam Marina Tan Retires Today

Citrus is a lovely restaurant tucked in a small row of shops situated near the Miri Heritage Centre. It has a delightful menu which is not too pricey. Popular with families and the younger set.

This is the dessert called Mud Slide - it is best to eat only once in three months. Sinful but fantastic. Probably one of the best in Miri where desserts are concerned.

Mr. Richard Wong the new principal came and was personally served by Marina.

A nice backdrop for Marina.

Florence and I were supposed to be at Citrus for a working lunch. But we ended up celebrating Marina's retirement.

From today onwards all three of us are retired teachers!!

One of the best English teachers in Miri is Marina Tan of SMK Chung Hua School. I wonder how many students she must have unselfishly helped in order to get them to pass their English exams.

She is a very well trained and disciplined English teacher who is caring and unselfish. With a heart to help students to learn she will definitely be missed by the student population of Chung Hua School.

I will always remember her as a teacher who has kind words only for students even though they may have been naughty and not really up to their mark in studies. She has a good heart and a lot of patience to teach the less fortunate and less endowed. In the hearts of many such students she will be a great star forever because she has saved them in a way and given them hope for a good future.

With her retirement Miri in particular and Sarawak in general will see the end of the service of one of the most inspiring talented and highly calibred English teachers. The era of such teachers from the 60's and 70's Batu Lintang and Sarawak Teacher's TRaining Colleged will soon pass as a new wave of teachers with TESL degrees and KPLI training will take over.

I was just lucky to catch her celebrating her retirement in Citrus a restaurant owned by her son. My friends and I who belong to the "Multiple Rs Club" (Retired- Reclining - Reminicing-Relaxing- Rejoicing - etc) often dine at Citrus which is very older people friendly.

So happy birthday and happy retirement to Teacher Marina from my family and I. Well Done Marina!!


jameswong said...

LOL ... this is something new to me, the 3 R's!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

James - thanks for visiting...many R' will still have many more years before you can catch up....

Greenspot said...

I always like English teacher

kamaliah said...

Yes I agree that she has been a good English teacher - strict but with a good heart. She was very hardworking as a teacher when I was a student a long time ago. But she did not teach my class and I was in the school for one year . After that my father was transferred to Sarikei.

sarawakiana said...

Hi Greenspot...thanks on behalf of all English teachers. Did Brother Albinus ever teach you?
There are many good English teachers in Sibu too...The most famous one being STP of course.

sarawakiana said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog. Yes Marina has been a very good role model for English teachers specifically. I did not know that you were in Sarikei !

chung said...

I think English teachers play a special role in my life. This particular teacher was single and she corrected all my mistakes one by one..and after two years I learned hard and made no more mistakes in grammar. But my thinking is not too good so according to her " my sentences were awkward". But I still attempt to write good sentences now after so long after leaving school I get mixed up sometime.
But I thank her good teaching and my good SPM English grade.

Greenspot said...


You are welcome. Brother Albinus never taught me tough he was our Principal. However, he taught my brother in Lower Six. It was always nice to hear what my brother told us about his class.

By the way, I look forward to your posting on him. Besides, there is his photos in one of the blog: rubberseeds if I am not mistaken.


sarawakiana said...

Chung It is good indeed to reminince about our younger days and our school days. It is very therapeutic. I am glad there is a teacher out there who can correct mistakes one by is a very traditional method but still it has helped a lot of students.
Glad that you are so appreciative.

sarawakiana said...

Greenspot....I will write that special article about Brother Albinus. Haven't got all the facts and dates right yet...
From what I heard every one of his lesson was memorable!!
Boys of SHS worshipped him!! I do believe that the Jesuit brothers made a great impact on the lives of Sibu and Kuching boys.

Greenspot said...


Do you also have stories on the school next door to SHS? SES?


Sarawakiana@2 said...

I will have some articles about SHS and SES in the future....