June 6, 2009

Family Gathering at Lutong Cafe Miri

As family members and in laws came around to lend moral support for the wedding of my second daughter I thought it was time to show off the excellent menu of our family's favourite restaurant in Miri - Lutong Cafe owned by Mr and Mrs. Wong.

One of the nice Foochow- influenced dishes is the yam and sweet corn clay pot with an assortment of meats and other complementary vegetables. The fresh Pinang yam gives the meat and other ingredients a very refreshing taste and smooth texture. All the invited guests enjoyed this dish in particular as it is not found in West Malaysia.

The proud and still energetic father went hunting a few days before the wedding to get some wild boar and deer. He was lucky enough to get a small deer. The chef presented the fresh deer meat as a kind of braised dish much to the delight of the in-laws.

The sweet potato leave dish is always tender and sweet.

Finally one of the best food to be had in Miri is fresh prawns steamed in Foochow red wine and topped with egg white. An excellent dish good enough for any Sultan.

We also had a huge plate of steamed tapah (Foochow style). Our tapah was bought in Marudi where tapah is plentiful. It was so fresh that every body enjoyed the dish to the last drop too. We thanked the chef over and over again for willing to accept our tapah for his kitchen.

The Lutong Cafe is people friendly and welcomes guests from all walks of life. This is the atmosphere one can enjoy for all seasons. Mr. and Mrs. Wong do really put their customers at ease. It is always good to follow their advice if you do wish to have some opinion.


justin said...

Lutong Cafe is near my parents' home. We eat there whenever we have an occasion.
Thanks for the tip about the yam and meat claypot dish.
We like the crispy patta there. Normally we tend to eat too much there!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Justin
Crispy patta is always good at Lutong Cafe. That's the dish my children misses when they are out of Miri.

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