June 29, 2009

News : Tanjong Manis : The Bright Spot of Sarawak?

source : Sarikei-Time Capsule

Copied a Nasa (astronautical) view of the Rajang Delta for you to look at....Very interesting.

News of Sibu -

Many questions have been asked about the future of Sibu in recent years. While many cities develop well into the twenty first century we can see that Sibu people seem to be pessimistic about its future. Some cities did in our human history tragically were obliterated by sand - by disease - by conquest and even by mysterious change of sea level e.g. Atlantis.

Sibu has many physical disadvantages but its human resources are indeed impressive. Furthermore it is situated in a rich basin which is full of economically viable natural resources which have been supplying not only the needs of the population but have made many prosperous indeed.

Will Sibu get another wind of change for the better?


Anonymous said...

Indeed Sibu has not only a hinterland rich in natural resources but also human resources. It is best to harnass the human resources rather than letting them migrate elsewhere in search of greener pasture. Developing Sibuwill only make Sarawak a more and better state to live in.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed sad if most of the professionals and talented people migrate elsewhere (because they have the money to do so)and leave Sibu fairly drained of human resources and basic capital!!

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