June 13, 2009

Sabahan Traditional Appetisers

This is my choice of appetizers from the main dish. I chose the fish cooked in banana leaves which was very tasty.
The tepus and chilli pickle is excellent and it is something I will always associate Sabah and my Sabahan friends with. It is a good idea to give a bottle to a friend as a souvenir.
There is a small portion of salted fish for which Sabah is famous for. Ikan Kurau (without any bones) is sold at 38 ringgit per kg. Good price indeed.
The sour mango goes well with salted fish.

At a recent Kamatan and GAwai joint celebration I was again very impressed by the appetizers which were placed on the table as a mark of welcome to guests. It is now becoming popular for the celebrants to present a symboloic dish on the table even when the subsequent dishes are from Chinese cuisine.


siran Ahock said...

Hi Nice of you to write about this special appetizer dish. We normally provide sarang semut and lemang with a bottle of tuak for weddings besides the Chinese menu.

sarawakiana said...

Dear Siran

Thanks for dropping by and sharing tips about indigenous food and celebration menu!!

Do visit again.

Anonymous said...

Tepus is an exotic delicacy valued by the Ibans and when mixed in a pickling sauce it is very appetising.

It should be featured more by writers especially those from Sarawak.

According to my grandmother Tepus is an excellent food to promote wellness in old people.

I beleive so because my grandmother seldom gets sick.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anon
Thanks fro writing in. Yes I do agree that Tepus is a delicacy and should be written about more often.
It does have give me some pep.

Anonymous said...

I have great pleasure reading your interesting and informative blog. It makes Sarawak a nice place to visit. But I am more interested in a serene trip up a river b y small boat to see the birds and the plants.
Hence your photos are very enticing!!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Dear Anon
Thanks for writing in.
Do visit Sarawak and especially the Rajang areas. Start with Sibu and you can even take a nice boat ride up to Sg. Assan and Bawang Assan.

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