June 21, 2009

Grace Methodist Church Social Concern Activity in Permyjaya Miri

The sky was down cast as my friends and I set forth towards E Mart in Tudan for our Social Concern Activity this morning. We were heading for the Tadika Perpaduan Permyjaya where the Society of the Blind had arranged for a multi-facets health check for the residents of the new township. Many of the volunteers had already started their work at 7:30 a.m.!

Unknown to us some advertisement had been made to encourage the local people of Permaijaya and Tudan to turn up for a popular Eye Screening Blood Pressure and Diabetes Checkups. The turn out was great and all together the Grace Methodist Church volunteers and the Society of the Blind gave free consultation to more than 350 eager patients from 8.30 to 3 30 !! More were still coming but our Specialist doctor had to stop his non-stop work!

Well designed forms to help the participants to ease their queue to have their eyes examined.

Very keen volunteer - recording the visual/acuity reading records.

A very dear child - so innocent. Hope he receives lots of blessings and grow into an upright and God fearing man!!

Aminah doing a pin hole reading test - expert now.

Husband and wife team!! Jacklyn and Sim .

Pastor still in his Sunday attire came to give support together with a patient Kelandang from Long Tiru.

A shy lady from the Orang Ulu Community coming for eye screening.

A proper computerised eye check in another room.

One of our Social Concern Committee members and former chairman Mr. Wong Leh Pek. the Organising Chairperson of this Social Concern Activity today is Mr. Chia who was so busy I could not catch him for a photograph! May be you could find him in other blogs : William Ting and James Wong.

It was a good outing for the Grace Methodist Church and the Puang Eng Church on the whole - a wonderful dream team with a big heart for social concerns on Father's Day.

Our Heavenly Father would be smiling - Every day is Our Heavenly Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day too all fathers.


Anonymous said...

I am sure many people were touched by the good work done during the health checks.
Some of the photos are really "social awareness" photos!

JJ said...

Hi I just missed going to the special eye care event!!

Anonymous said...

I believe when you do good like this you also need a tremendous big number of people to help out. Volunteerism requires concerted effort of the same kindred spirits - driven by a single strong force in which case is your religion.

Well done! All of you really look very serious.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Dear Anon
Thanks for writing and commenting on the photos.
Do come to the blog again.

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Yes you did miss a great event!

I Am Sarawakiana said...

Many volunteers are driven by a special inner spirit to do good. These are the people who keep our society alive and humane. Praise God for them.

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