June 7, 2009

Special Hoong Ngang at RM6.00 in Kapit

After a long and tiring day of travelling by 4 wheels on bumpy roads and then by the river express and a good rest at the Kapit River View Hotel we woke up to a bright but hot morning.

What would be the ideal breakfast in Kapit?

To our horror every coffee shop in Kapit was having "full house"!! Such was the might of the economy in Kapit! Even the five foot way was full of people.

We could not be choosy so we went to one coffee shop fairly near the hotel and we had to eat before we missed the express which would take us to Rh Bajai.

We ordered the special Hoong Ngang - the best dish in the coffee shop.

The hoong ngang is the coarse rice vermicelli loved by the Foochows and the bowl of Kapit mee hoon is fairly similar to the oyster mee hoon of the Heng Huas. Being tired and hungry after a quick walk in Kapit town I must say that the soup was fairly nice. Cannot compare it with any other similar dish.

there was minced chicken but no pork and the other ingredients being onions and garlic and lots of tinned oysters.

I am wondering if this particular bowl of oyster hoong ngang would be RM20 if the oysters are fresh from the sea! But Kapit being more than 150 miles from the sea it might not be possible. I will just have to be happy with tinned oysters from China and pay a hefty sum of RM6.00


justin said...

Looks huge and tasty to me in a homecook way.
I must visit kapit also and very soon.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Justin
You must visit Kapit one of these days. It is throbbing with life! And if you like exotic jungle food this is the place to go to!

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