June 26, 2009

A Ten Dollar Note

This ten dollar note was able to buy my family lots of groceries and meat for a week!

I still remember it was very thrilling if my mother had two pieces of this note in her purse. And folks would always marvel whenever some timber guys had a stack of ten dollar notes banded by a rubber band.

One red note would always be a great angpow to receive and also to give to some one in need.

Very often a ten dollar note would go a long long way to help a needy student when many would never have seen a ten dollar note at all.

So a red note is always something very treasured and something which can stir up a lot of beautiful memories.......a beautiful thing on my mind.....is it the same for you?


Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to wrap her money in her handkerchief which she put in her blouse pocket. All the women then had "hidden" pockets for their money. Yes I remember how she would also keep her red notes hidden well. Thanks for the memories.

Stenographer said...

Yes indeed. My grandmother did the same too. She had a coin purse though. She also had a secret pocket in her blouse and another secret pocket in her Chinese trousers.

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