July 30, 2009

Aqua Aerobics in GCM Pool Miri

I signed up to join a group of happy ladies for aqua aerobics in the Gymkhana pool recently. But since then I have so many reasons for not wearing a swim suit and getting into the water.

But today I went - and just to take photos!!

The pool was beautifully blue and inviting and the weather was fabulously cool after the morning rain. It was nice to feel the breeze on my face and watch my friends having a good time in the water. I had promised not to photograph them from the front!

Aqua aerobics is not only a great way to get fit but it is also one of the safest. It keeps the heart and lungs healthy whilst toning the body and reducing fat, and also provides a good opportunity for a splash about in the water. Sounds great and I have been thinking in three months I would look like Cindy Crawford! Ha...ha..

Mandy has been teaching A.A in GCM for sometime now and ladies turn out to do water tricks called rocking horses and jumping jacks, cross-country skiing motion and walking and running backwards and forwards. The rubbery tubes are called ‘noodles’ or 'woggles', which are used to aid floatation and resistance.

As these exercises are considered "Safe" I should be working them as my leg ligaments have been playing up for some time after a bad fall before Chinese New Year! I like the idea that my body only weighs about 20 lbs in the water. And another good news is that the water support in the pool also means that those with back or knee problems can take part in aqua aerobics without fear of pain or further injury.

Most importantly performing aerobic exercise in the water increases cardiovascular fitness, promoting the service the heart provides in pumping blood around the body, and improving aerobic endurance. That is exactly what I need!!

the beautiful Olympic sized pool from the south-west.

the shallow end of the pool giving out an azure blue splendour.

The ladies putting their best foot forward in the water. Graceful like swans.

Colourful tubes in my favourite shades.

Ladies practising their steps by the side of the pool.

Mermaids swimming away.


I hope more ladies (and even guys) could come and join this very interesting activity in the GCM pool of Miri. They are just such a wonderful and cheerful group of ladies who will welcome you warmly.

I think I should be brave enough to join them next week! That's a promise to myself as part of my retirement happy hour session once a week at least! What say you?


Bengbeng said...

i tried this at Kingwood pool before including the colorful thingy on yr blog which can b twisted. i dont really like it as it is rather mild as an aerobic activity.

i normally do some weight lifting and finish up with an hr of aerobics cum yoga n end up totally exhausted by the end of the session.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Bengbeng

I think this mild aerobic activity is good enough for many ladies - just swimming alone in a pool can be absolutely boring unless you add speed to your swimming!!

I am not a strong swimmer any way.

Just need to get the heart pumping and the lungs aired!

Hopefully more people will take to aqua aerobics to make the pools in Sarawak more exciting!!

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