July 26, 2009

Heng Hua Noodles

The Bruneian Heng Hua Community is a fair sized community. Most of the men operate the old buses and taxis while some are owners of bicycle and spare part shops.

I have been friends with a family who have come from Sungei Merah and later Bintulu. And the most unusual aspect of their life is their ability to speak very good Mandarin and Foochow!! All the children are very good students and the mother is a very good cook.

Mrs. He never fails to amaze me by her ability in producing some of the most fantastic dishes (e.g. meat roll wrapped in seaweed). If you have the chance to meet her and her family you can understand why her children have such good skin and are so healthy!!

The Heng Hua Noodles shown in this posting are available in Soon Lee Supermarket in Sg. Liang besides other outlets.

You can prepare it fried or in soup. If you are preparing the Heng Hua mee sua soup you will have to use fish slices and fresh oysters as the base or to make the stalk. You then add mustard greens and chicken slices. Fish balls and black fungi would provide additional flavours! Add a lot of pepper!



Anonymous said...

I really like Heng Hua Noodles and also their special Oyster Mee Hoon.

Go to Putien China and you will have a great culinary tour!! Go! Go!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ahock

thanks for writing in. Yes I must go to visit Putien one day. I have heard a lot about it.

Do visit again!

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