July 8, 2009

Oil Palm Mushroom (Cendawan Sawit)

Mushrooms are a favourite "sayur" or wild vegetables of the Ibans and other indigenous people of Sarawak.

this particular species is readily available in the Baram region. While the world
this is a giant one. Hope my finger gives you a good idea of its size.

Each little basket of these mushrooms cost RN2.00 - a reasonable price for the humble housewife. We used to pay only RM 1.00 before the oil price skyrocketed. Now the oil price has gone down the RM2.00 price for mushrooms remains.

These mushrooms are available every day in theKedayan and Muhibbah Markets and the Wet Market at E mart in Miri. So housewives and gourmet cooks alike will have a good choice of their fresh and wild mushrooms.

I like this type of mushrooms and cook them in several ways - in an omelette for breakfast with lots of onions and some peas. If I wish to do a special midin dish I would add some of these mushrooms. These mushrooms also go well with thin slivers of fresh chicken and some spring onions. This stir fry is easy to do and goes well with our local rice.

I have even tried cooking this type of mushroom with ginger chicken soup. Adding some Foochow red wine also enhances the aroma and taste.

Finally a stir fry of capsicum,carrots,young sweet corn and chicken with some of these mushrooms is really nice. Add lots of black pepper and a bit of oyster sauce.



Bengbeng said...

i cannot understand. i keep going to yr blog n get mud on my shoes but suddenly there r so many posts?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I have one blog called Sarawakiana which has used up all my photo space. As a result I have to start another one called Sarawakiana@2 (http://sarawakianii.blogspot.com). Am still learning to resize my photos using Picassa Picture Manager.
All future postings will be in Sarawakiana@2 until I can resize all the photos at Sarawakiana, whichwill take time and a lot of effort.

Thanks for your support!!

justin said...

I love this delicious ulu cendawan - just stir fry it with onions and sweet young corn.

Or just make a soup with tinned corn kernels. Eksillen!

free bird said...

hi when I was young I had a lot of these mushrooms. My mother also picked some cendawan taun in her college grounds. Those were smaller mushrooms but were tastier. They might be the same type as cendawan sawit.

sweet sweet song said...

Yeah-- Kolej Tun DTH has a huge ground for teachers and staff to pick mushrooms during a good season. I remember those days with fondness and even greater joy whenever i see nice photos of the olden days.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Justin
Thanks for writing. Hope you will get more mushrooms in the future. It is indeed a great delicacy. According to some of my elders if the earth is not fresh (polluted) the best mushrooms cannot grow. Hence Shitake is only grown in very pristine places.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Free Bird
hahaha....school grounds especially those with old trees are good habitat for good mushrooms.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Sweet sweet song

The Kolej Tun has a huge campus. It is lovely too and is in fact the only college in Sarawak located on a lovely promontory or cliff.

Thanks to the late Mr. Robert Nicoll the school is located there. The modern feng shui masters also attribute the good results of the students to the geomancy of the place. Don't know if you believe it or not....

Ann said...


To continue posting on the same blog after you use up the allowance, you pay a minimum of US$ 20 and get a lot of storage space for one year. 10 GB but definitely more than enough for one year. If I remember the first free was 1 GB,

I was told the advantage of resizing is that people can't steal your photos. Initially, I didn't know this. Now I resize, of course, it is quite a hassle resizing.



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