July 4, 2009

One Fantastic Grandmother Two Lovely Young People and Three Sisters

Inek or Aunty or Mrs. Nanta for whatever you call her she is a small lady with a big heart who has room in her house for every body.

Two lovely young people Larry and Regina were brought up religiously by the Lutong Anglican Good Shepherd Church in the lovely sight of God.

Three sisters who are wonderful friends to all.

And they had a wedding for Regina the third generation Iban in Lutong. I was very blessed to be included in this celebration by Daisy who embraced me into their family for the last twenty years. Daisy is like Mrs. nanta - a God fearing lady with a big Christian heart.

Dutiful Ring Bearer.

Flower Girl and Flower Boy.

Father leading the bride up the aisle.

Beaming Grandmother (Mrs. nanta) with Daisy behind.

Sebugey (Jenny) with her camera was busy floating around covering scenes for her blog.

Some friends admiring the beautiful wedding cake made by Janet (one year advance booking)

We are friends of Daisy!! Dinner was a grand one at Pavilion Everly Park City....Poco Poco joget and cha cha with a crowd of young warm hearted children led by Nangka (Daisy's brother) made the evening very merry indeed.

Three sisters with two brothers and their parents from Lutong in the 60's meant a lot to my children's father.

When he was just a boarding student in Miri he and his friends were give a good Sunday meal and a movie show on a Sunday quite frequently. Mr. Nanta was probably earning a Shell salary of $300 but that was a princely sum forty years ago. The boys would be given bus tickets back to Tanjong Lobang School after their Sunday treat.

This kind of "ngabang" and happy visiting had a great impact on poor boys who were ho0mesick for their family whom they visited only once a year. Tanjong Lobang was as far as Timbuktoo at that time.

Mrs Nanta brought up her children well. And now her granddaughter Regina is a bride!!

It was a purple moment. It was indeed a Godly occasion when Church members ralatives and friends got together to CELEBRATE the union of two good children in holy matrimony.

Yes indeed - we celebrated like in the Biblical sense - wine lots of music and dance - and blessings from the priest. The whole village raised the child - the whole village came to witness the wedding - and it was good! May God bless them Regina and Larry with a fine family.


Anonymous said...

Really impressive wedding ! A great effort by all the families concerned. Church people was the key too with Daisy's leadership.

jus said...

I agree...weddings need a lot of people to come together to help. It is like getting the school sports day organised and concluded with lots of records broken!!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Snon
I too share your opinion about helpful Church friends who are very supportive when weddings take place especially.
Yes to me Daisy is a great personality!!
Thanks for dropping by.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Justin
Thanks for dropping by. Weddings take months to organise and the invitees' list needs adjustments all the time. And sometimes to our horror at the last minute we discover that we have left out a few important names!!

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