July 19, 2009

Sibu Tales : In Search of Family History

First Heng Hua Methodist Church of Sarawak - Alex with Heng Hua Community Leader : Ling Choon Kiong and Pastor of Church (Rev. Ngu Ta Kiong/Wu Da-Chiang)

This is a Heng Hua/Xin Hua historical moment in Sibu - fourth and fifth generation Foochows and Heng Huas together with Alex Mars Manton (Fourth Generation of Dr. Brewster - first missionary to Putien-Sibu)Mew Ting is first on the left. Next to her is Alex.

Source: Wikipedia

The man directly responsible for the migration of the Heng Huas to Sibu in 1912 was 詩巫兴化墾場發起人蒲魯士(William Nesbit Brewster).

教士外曾孫亞歷山大(Alexander Mares-Manton)whose maternal great grandfather was Dr. Brewster came to Sibu on 13th July in search of his family history.

Alex has been residing in Singapore in the last 13 years. He is founder and director of his own photography company Asia Images.

Alexander Mares-Manton
Founder and Director of Photography
Asia Images Group Pte Ltd
15 Shaw Rd #08-02
Teo Building
Singapore 367953

tel: 65-6288-2119
fax: 65-6288-2117

Having connected with Wong Meng Lei he planned a one day trip to Sibu in preparation for his mother's trip in August. I hope those of you who used to work in Kapit Christ Hospital or had known Dr. Harold Brewster will communicate with Alex .

In Sibu he was shown the various significant sites of Heng Hua History and was entertained by the Heng Hua Association Chairman Mr. Ling Choong Kiong (Heng Hua Noodles and Tai Ping Eggs no less.

He was also taken to visit Tien Sik Church the first church built by the Heng Huas soon after their arrival on the land north of Sibu.

It was an amazing journey down memory lane for all concerned.

Photo credits : Wong Meng Lei and Hii Mew Ting (iGalleries)
Based on news written by Meng Lei and Mew Ting

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Bearcat Blogger said...

I am Betty Brewster Blakney the granddaughter of Rev William Brewster. My father was Dr. Harold Brewster. He and my husband Dick Blakney were part of a team that started Christ Hospital in Kapit. Dick and I met and married and had our first daughter in Kapit. We were there 1956-1960. During that time I served as the nurse for a few months at the Sungie Teku Clinic while Miss Emma Palm was on furlough.

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