July 5, 2009

Titus Tusing getting married

Titus - faithful follower of St. Paul. When I first met Titus at Dynasty Hotel I was really impressed - his demeanour and his sense of duty would be the criteria any employer would love. As his teacher I had great pleasure teaching him and learning from him too.

Titus is the Banquet Supervisor at the Dynasty Hotel of Miri and I had the pleasure of "working" alongside him for three years. Indeed working with young people after my retirement had been an academic and social adventure! So when Titus announced his wedding plans I was delighted as any friend. May his joy and his new joureny in life be blessed by the God he believes in.

Signage for the wedding on 5/7/09

Lovely Chinese lantern.

A close colleague and good friend coming to wish Titus the best! All dressed up for the occasion too. Well done!

Guests register and leave messages on a huge book!
Photo of the newly weds gracing the entrance to the ballroom at Mega Hotel.

A lovely and loving couple blessed in holy matrimony by the Roman Catholic Church - uncle is a RC priest and Titus' mother is a church worker. Titus is very well brought up.

May God bless their marriage!

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