October 18, 2009

Methodist Book Room in Miri

The Methodist Book Room has a long history - and it can claim to be the oldest bookshop in Sibu as it was established more than 60 years ago by Rev. Ling Kai Cheng. The Book Room stood at a very prominent site at that time and today it is even more "distinguished" in its refurbished new look. It is a not to be missed building on Island Road.

To many of us this Book Room would bring a lot of good memories. Recently the Book Room travelled from Sibu to Miri for the Senior Citizen Retreat. Three young people from Sibu set up a stall in Mega Hotel to sell some of its best products.

Here is one plaque that is very meaningful and treasured:

Translation "Chist is the Head of my Family"

This is a plaque that hangs over many living rooms of Methodist homes. I strongly believe that it is this guiding principle that helps many of the Methodist families to do exceedingly well in life. Today you can see hundreds of Methodists leading in local and international industries and other professions. So many of them can testify to the belief that they let God take the lead.

How would a man earning RM280 in 1962 with 6 children become so successful today? How would a man who was only a rubber tapper become a man of great wealth today? And how would a man who had just stepped off the boat from China become one of the largest land owners in Sibu?

I used to spend time going through the various items in the Book Room in Sibu when I was young. My grand aunt Yuk Ging lived in a Church flat behind this Book Room. She was a young widow and a kindergarten teacher but she was really the one who helped me take the first steps towards reading. She and I would spend time in the Book Room while we waited for my father to pick me up. And she always encouraged me to pick up their free Bible tracts to read. Perhaps that was how I became so attached to words and beautiful pictures.

Holy words get imprinted on our hearts and would never be easily removed.


wenn said...

that's nice..

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks for visiting.

Daniel Yiek said...

I sent you an email to request for the following but I'm not sure whether I got the correct email address. Pls email me at dyiek@hotmail.com

sarawakiana said...
Do you have a copy of the 1901-1961 Sibu Foochow Association 60th Anniversary Commemorative Issue? A few good articles and photos on Sarikei.

JIC you don't have I could send you photocopies of the relevant pages. I re-read this issue many times. Good stuff.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, I studied at a Methodist High school, went to Church on Fridays, even joined the 'Methodist Youth function'....actually reason was there was an SYT I liked, ha ha.
Today a Buddhist, wife a non going Catholic, only weddings and funerals.
Anyway, I have always believed to each his or her own.
As well, hands that help are Holier than lips that pray.
You have a great week, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Daniel
Will send to you by snail mail. As I am out of office I can only send photocopies. Unless I can find a friend;s scanner next few days. Will email first. Just back from travelling..and returned to a town full of visiting relatives...so a lot of fam cheng all around...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Uncle Lee
A man may go through religious reflections throughout his lifetime.

I agree with your philosophy - hands that help are Holier than lips that pray. But on the other hand we really need both to balance. This probably goes with my friend;s Taoist beliefs..balance - pray vs work;cold vs.hold etc..

We Methodists are quite methodical and we follow a discipline laid down by John Wesley. But basically the important question is "What will Jesus do in such a situation>?"

Thanks for visiting. You too have a good week ahead...

Anonymous said...

Haven't been around much lately. See that you are quite busy.
We are doing fine.


Superman said...

The book store is still in Sibu.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Justin
Yeah lately a little busy. Hope to see you around.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sarawakiana@2 said...


Yes the Super Methodist Book Room is still on Island Road.

Fantastic history there.

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