October 17, 2009

Methodist Senior Citizens Annual Retreat 16-17th October in Miri

More than 800 Mandarin Speaking Senior Citizens of the Methodist Churches of Sarawak gathered for their annual retreat at Mega Hotel Miri from 16 th to 17th Oct.

The hotel was swarmed with seniors age ranging from 55 to 95!! It was quite a sight to behold. Most of the elders have been leaders of their churches for many decades and were perhaps also community leaders. But gathering together for the llth consecuitive year these Methodist Church members were like siblings who have come for a hearty and warm reunion. They made the hotel lobby a merry place indeed.

The backdrop with the main themes and names of the speakers : Scriptural Holiness : Transforming the Nation. Main speakers were Rev Dr. Su Chii Ann the President of the Methodist Chinese Conference; Rev Dr. Lau Kuoh Ding (from the US and second generation pastor); Rev Kiu Dee Siong.

Our superb President Rev Dr. Su. (he studied in Tanjong Lobang Miri before)

Ladies seriously reading the programme book.


All dressed up and ready to lead in the singing.

Very dapper and galant in Bollywood style bowties - Miri based committee members - welcoming the participants from all over Sarawak.

Dr. Lau Kuoh Ding meeting up with a long lost friend from Sarikei...have 30 years gone by?

Another short of the smart and trendy seniors - all energized for the great welcome.

My friend Madam Toh beaming away. Do you recognise her? She copies by hand the Chinese Bible every day as a hobby.

A popular Miri man and former Methodist School basketballer : Kong Kiong Ming

Some points to ponder on:

These senior citizens still have their ooomph in life and can still call a few shots!

Many are still looking extremely good and are very young for their years.

They are good examples of people with spiritual wealth.

They can testify that God can bless us bountifully if we are faithful.

They heartily feel that they will be attending the next retreat - for many it will be their 12th participation ...So see you in Sibu next year!


William said...

I didn't know of this gathering. Otherwise, I would have gone over to take some photos.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Oh No!! William
I am ashamed of myself for not informing you!! Next time I will let you know too. I thought you knew about it. I was looking for you during the opening ceremony on Friday at 4 p.m.

My photos are not too good though this time...Sony is getting old...

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