October 18, 2009

Three Former Methodist School Teachers

In 1963-64 Mr. Wong Liong Do was teaching science in Methodist School Sibu before he left for further studies. It was at that time that he met new fellow teachers Rev. Lau Kuoh Ding and Mrs. Lilick Lau (music teacher)who had just arrived from the United States. I think Rev Lau was the first Chinese who had an American crew cut in Sibu at that time. It was quite a sight to behold.

I was in Form Three then. Mr. Wong took many of us swimming at the Lanang Road Swimming Pool. The pool was also full of Gurkha and British soldiers at that time. But many of our school swimmers became good swimmers and represented Sibu . I think ever since then Sibu swimmers became a formidable team in Sarawak if not in Malaysia.

Even though Pastor Lau and Mrs. lau did not teach me (new teachers did not teach graduating classes I suppose) I was terribly impressed by them. My classmates were also vey impressed by Mrs. Lau's fantastic voice.

In later years I was not able to study in the United States like them and many of my schoolmates. It is to be one of my life's disapointment. I went to MU on scholarship and how my life was changed by it.

These three teachers met so surprisingly at Mega Hotel on 16th Oct 2009. Pastor Lau was one of the main speakers of the conference and Mr.Wong Liong Do - one of the committee members and participants.

A lovely senior citizens gathering.

(As students we never drop the Mr. and Mrs. for our teachers for life!)


easechen said...

Wong Siong Ting's brother?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes..Ease..Mr. Wong Leong Do...I hope to get a good photo of Miss Wong Siong Ting and write a good article about her...cheers

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