December 28, 2009

Love Letters in the Sand - Mud Cracks and Curls

Do your children ask you why mud peels and cracks up?

It has been hot today and almost impossible to go out to take photos. But a chance came by gently.

In between the thundstorms in Miri I found this beautiful patch of mud already peeling and curling up. I could not wait for the correct light to photograph it or it might even rain again. Took these photos at noon when the sun came out to play for just a little while before the grey clouds loomed up and cast grey and darkening shadows on the land.

Dessication of mud causes the cracks.

Many of these dessicated mud curl upwards.

They remind me of the days when my kids said very interesting  things and ask "strange questions".

" Look Mama -- the mud is making kueh kapit (love letters)!" my son one day exclaimed out of the blue as we walked along the lonely road. And the thought struck me : May be our ancestors were inspired to curl up their thin dough by this natural phenomenon.

Another surreal art piece......

Again they remind me of the chemical peeling some of my friends undertook for the sake of beauty.

Just an unusual sight....enjoy it with me for a moment.


Ah Ngao said...

i like the cracked out design of the stream during a real kemarau season.

Sarawakiana@2 said...


So you have an eye for art too....Keep it up!!

There are many beautiful things out there...just look!!

Cheers for the new year.

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