December 2, 2009

Society of Sarawakians Writing in English Meeting

The host Dr.Loh and the Chief Editor of the newly published book - Florence Enau

A few members of the Society of Sarawakians Writing in English were treated to an end of the year lunch hosted by Dr. Loh Yunn Hua at the Daily Bread today.

The year saw the final publication of "To Know Sarawak is to Love Sarawak" consisting of 22 articles written by members of the Society. Each book is for sale at RM25 and more than half has been sold.

Datuk Seri Peter Chin has made a personal donation to make this publication possible.

The society has a blog also as well as a quarterly newsletter. It is opening its doors to all who are interested in writing in English. Workshops will be conducted by members several months a year at the Pustaka Miri. So far attendance has been fairly good and perhaps this means that another publication may be in the offing soon.

The function also welcomed Belgian globe trotters Guy and Chris Albrecht owner of s.v. Remora now berthed at the Marina of Miri.

Happy group.

On the right is Voon Cheng Thong the President of the Society.

Food at the Daily Bread is good . We had delicious chicken wings and tacos with minced beef.

There is a selection of coffee (special brew and cuppacino and others) and tea (Dilmah) for the discerning. The pastries are exceptionally good by Miri standard. I liked the tarts which actually tasted like good tarts found in European cafes along tree lined boulevards.I chose the kiwi tart which has a very rich custard cream. One can always say "Never mind. It's one of those days." And you feel like going for another one with your doctor friend look at you very indulgently. Compliments to the chef.

The special latte is good and I would suggest you go there for a cuppa. Bring your newspapers along and the waiters and waitresses will be most discrete and courteous - something you don't find elsewhere. Most of the guests keep their voices down so it is definitely not a five foot way kind of outlet.

Miri should be proud that there is such a longstanding Society for writing. A journalist had commented in Kuching " At least you have got a book published!"


Anonymous said...

The food looks good.

So what's the society's blog address? I'd love to visit it.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Adirya Kiratas
Hi Thanks for visiting.

The blog's address is

The Society is actively collaborating with Pustaka Miri for each year's events. If you happen to be in Miri you are most welcome to check out the events in Pustaka.


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