January 3, 2010

The Cream on the Ice Kacang

Ha!! I was asked to write a skeletal plot for a small skit. Perhaps five minutes or slightly more? Then I thought that the following would be a nice Five Minute Video made in Miri.

I grew up with people who made a good living out of ice kacang. One of my favourite personalities was the man who pushed his rojak push cart along Kung Ping Road (later named Brooke Drive) in Sibu. This was a man who sold good rojak (rain or shine) but had a pushy character and did not mince his words. He would sell his rojak uttering the fewest words possible. Mum said just buy the good rojak and never mind about his poor communication style.  In later life I learned about men's character and realised that he was one of those "difficult" people - people who could not communicate well and could shout at others for no good reason.

In this short skit I draw upon people I used to know and perhaps create some characters which may be memorable.

Venue : ABC Rojak Stall.
Two characters : Ah Beng and Ming Ming. Ah Beng has not seen Ming Ming for twenty years. She has lost weight and she looked slightly out of breath. Ah Beng has become a well fed and a well to do man about town.

AB : Ming Ming. Remember we used to slaughter chickens in the market?

Ming : Yes. It was hard life. You seem to be doing well. (Eyes looking straight into his)

AB : Not bad. And you?

Ming : I am still helping in  this dessert stall.

AB : Not very interesting eh?

Ming : What about some rojak and ice kacang for old time's sake?

AB: Why not?

they ordered two bowls of ABC.

AB : Yes I would like to order for you rojak and jiu hoo eng chai. (Kang kong and squid)

Ming : That's very nice. You still remember I loved to eat those. Nothing else is better than them.

AB : Yeah . You were one funny girl. Interested in eating these but never paid attention to anything else.

Ming : I have to eat and I have to survive!

AB : Life is not just that.

Ming : You did well and you got a family.

AB : Yeah...but it is different for me. I had a family once but I was too ambitious and my wife took my children overseas and never came back. I have been alone for several years now.

Ming : That must have been difficult for you!

AB : See the ABC here? You are the ABC...and I am the rojak...I have everything mixed together. You only want to be the kacang in the bowl of ice. You did not mix well.

Ming : May be I am just the kacang . Simple. Only one colour .

AB : I liked you then. And I still like you now.

Ming : It is hard to believe that. (MM laughed)

AB: Why?

Ming : You were the kangkong - creeping every where. And all the girls were clinging to you too. I stood by you too for a long time. Sometimes picking up the pieces too. Remember?

AB : Oh...those days. I was happy go lucky type. ...Let me wipe the little sauce off your nose here....

Ming : thanks....you still pay attention like before.

AB : I will always pay attention to whatever you do.

Ming : Thanks. The ice has melted. (she pointed to the ice kacang)

AB : Yes and here...have a piece of the squid. Lovely isn't it?

AB took out his handkerchief to wipe some sauce off Ming's cheek.

Ming : Thanks. You could have been the cream on the top of my ice kacang. But you became the kang kong in a plate of squid and kang kong. I was left out in the cold. I did not even know where you went.
But it is ok....but thanks.

Ah Beng : Yeah - I went to Indonesia and made some money. Drifted around too. And did not pay attention to anything else. And you?

Ming : I survived all those years. The icy coldness of ice kacang helps. This is my own stall actually. Very independent and strong.

AB : I see. Not bad eh?

Ming : Not bad for a kacang...in a sea of sharks too.

AB : Do you know that my ex-wife asked my two kids to call me Ah Beng. She said it was fashionable.

Ming : That's very sad. But many people do that nowadays. May be she is just being very western and modern.

AB :Nothing to say now about that. Can I come here again and eat ice kacang with you?

Ming : Who knows? May be a bowl of ABC will go well with a plate of kangkong and jiu hoo after all....

Light fades and nice music is played giving hope to both of them.


Ann said...

I wonder if he was the same rojak man we bought from at Race course road. Just remembered he was an old man.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann

I think he was the same man. He was very dark...and he was barefooted too. He wore a floppy hat. I can still remember he would always ask..."want chili or not..." very roughly. "Ai hiam boh..." and if we said yes...he would scoop the chili roughly into the bowl we stretched out to him. (We always brought our bowl for our rojak...no plastic bag at that time...).

See how our memories become so clear with writing?

cheers. (My favourite piece in the rojak..is the toufoo ...what's yours?)

wenn said...

wow, rojak n abc! definitely my favorite.

Sarawakiana@2 said...


These photos were taken recently at my favourite rojak stall in Miri...I love ice kacang....

my said...

I love the plot and the script. But for a 5 minute skit, the actors would have to articulate very slowly for the words to sink in with the audience, too much subject matter.... too complicated..the atmosphere needs to be built up too... just my humble feedback. :)

U need a narrator too and his piece takes time too, also the person delivering the abc and ice kacang etc... precious time is used up in a 5 minute skit

my said...


this is a similar type of sketch held in Seremban

my said...


sorry the previous link was wrong

Superman said...

Nice one. Sometimes many people just too busy with their life (making money) and forget anything around them. They earned a lot but on the other hand lost more. Simple is good sometimes. You can have a billion but no one beside you or have your family beside you but only own a terrace house. That's life. I prefer the later.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear My

Thanks for the precious feedback...may be 5 mins too short really...I will see how the plot "thickens" when the youngsters add their lines. We will take your tips.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks MY for the Seremban link...we will look at it...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Superman
I like the simple life - with nice children and a loving husband...together building a life ...etc.

Mum used to say porridge together is better than sharks fins alone....with tears added to add the salt.


my said...

I like the simple life - with nice children -. my eyes omos popped out.. i read it as nine children at first :) and not nice children

my said...

i dont know why when i comment on google i come across as my and not mylongkang and the link doesnt work.. sigh sigh all these computer thingies so confusing for older netizens like me

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear My

Noooo....hahahahas if I had nine children I would make a TV series and tell the whole world how I survive...:) :)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

How did Mylongkang turn into MY? and when I check on it....cannot access...

Cheers.... need new glasses?

Ann said...

What is ABC?

My Kiwi Son and his Aussie cousins have been watch U Tube on Singlis, and think it is very funny.

I got him to do your script together with me. He couldn't say it in Singlish. It is too proper English, he says.

What is your script for? Very Queen's English.



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