February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year in Miri 6 - the Radio

Girl listening to radio.

Like the young girl in the photo growing up before Malaysia was formed I enjoyed listening to all the radio services during my spare time . Most of us cultivated  good listening skills as a result.

Today young people do not appreciate the radio as much as we did because of TV or the Internet. However most older people continue to savour the pleasantness of the radio broadcasts. Some even depend on getting information from the radio because they are left behind by the technological changes. Especially those in the rural areas of Sarawak.

I remember fondly how in the past the New Year Mood was ushered in via the radio which would be switched on by every household. Those houses in the villages would only have battery operated radios as the Yamaha generator had not been invented yet.  Life was so serenely controlled by news and songs from the radio in many ways.
Let us remember the Old Time Radio for a moment.

This morning I went to visit some old friends in RTM Miri. Meeting Cecilia Sman was a real treat. The lovely lady gave me a tour of the "station".

Then I met up with Madam Wee a lady who was always supportive of Teacher's Training activities and school activities when I was teaching there. The Chinese programmes  then often included interviews with lecturers and students regarding current issues and events.

It has always been nice to be able to hear different opinions presented. The public too can get to hear many different view points.

School debates for example have been recorded in earnest and speech competitions usually have attracted a lot of audience. TV3 and other TV stations would not be able to record lengthy performances. So in Sarawak most of us make do with the radio services. And in fact parents who live in the rural areas do catch hold of these recordings and feel proud of their children's performance and achievement. Today song requests are made via SMS.

This is an old equipment used for production.

Wow this is a huge microphone.

A very old record player. Still kept nicely in the studio.

The familiar RTM logo of Miri. You can tune in to the radio or if you are too far away in Australia you can always listen to the Internet website radio at http://www.rtmmiri.com

This is Margaret Anin who attends to your request for Iban songs working at her studio.

Below is more information for your reference:

  • Sarawak FM (formerly Rangkaian Nasional / Yellow Network): 24h in Malay.
  • Red FM: 2158-1600 in Mandarin (2158-0200, 0800-1300 including news in Hakka at 1030 and Hokkien at 1045) and English (0200-0800, 1300-1600). FM transmitters relay Sarawak FM 1600-2158. Educational programmes replace usual programming during school terms Mon-Fri 0100/0200-0300.
  • Wai FM: 2200-1600 in Iban (2200-0100, 0400-0700 on 101.3 & 106.9 MHz only, 1300-1600 on 7270 kHz only), Kenyah/Kayan (0700-1000) and Bidayuh (0100-0400, also 1300-1600 on Kuching 101.3 & 106.9 MHz only). FM transmitters relay Sarawak FM 1600-2200. Iban sce relays Limbang FM Mon/Thurs 1300-1400.
Let us give the RTM staff an applause for making life a little more interesting daily through their broadcasts. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

A favourite song of mine dedicated to all who love listening to the radio....and Happy Chinese New Year....


Sarawak has the largest number of radio stations within Malaysia and it has the largest number of ethnic radio programmes too. This is one of the most impressive development in Sarawak social history.

The Kenyah Radio Programme is one of the most recent addition!!

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