February 10, 2010

Chinese New Year in Miri 1 - Lanterns and CNY Mood

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Miri set the mood for the new year in this resort city with a large display ...the God of Wealth holds a huge gold ingot which is inscribed "Welcome Prosperity and Please Enter Treasure ". What would be better than this?

Overhead red lanterns are hung sparingly and mingle with the green of the trees lining the major road. Three roads have been closed in order to allow small traders to ply their businesses for two weeks before the Chinese New year....

The road is made impassable and extra business space is created for the Chinese New Year.

Business is NOT usual for this special event . Vendors set up their stalls under these canvas tops and the heat is unbearable at mid day. At night the stalls are crowded and people mingle with each other : to shop for best bargains or to be seen at the right places ! The shoppers can be shoulder to shoulder. And women hold tight to their kids and handbags.

The stalls are neatly arranged according to the Terms and Conditions laid by the Municipal Council I suppose.

there is some breathing space here at mid day...the mandarin oranges are not selling well this year : too dry and too much skin. The prices have gone up too to RM4.50!! But in some places one can get them at RM2.90 per kg.

She needs to buy some oranges for her Chinese neighbours too.

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