February 21, 2010

Ground Breaking Ceremony - more photos - 3

William Ting from Grace Methodist Church - my friend - came to give support.
Sharing some stories with his friend over a bowl of hoong ngang long.

The Tudan Iban Church give their moral support too with Pastor Chan.

Part of the congregation wearing their special T-shirt standing in the heat for the ceremony.


Bengbeng said...

you lead such a full life with yr activities.. feels tiring just imagining it. andropause has started for me :)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Bengbeng

No not that I am so active! Just doing my duties as "reporter" - which takes up only half an hour?! Nice to have something to do.

BB really! Men do not pause.... and you are too young ...even for peri-andropause...

Believe that in this Tiger year you will be strong and healthy. A little ginseng will do wonders. Smile and no offence.

Ah Ngao said...

what BB may mean is male menopause? got such or not ? i heard of mid-life crisis or "sunset" 's crisis...i thinks it's the other way round.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ah Ngao...male menopause has been much written about. Not much evidence.

Mid-life Crisis and/or sunset crisis is perhaps just an excuse for many "mistakes".

Menopause is for real and has been well documented.

Perhaps more people are researching into male menopause now. I heard Co-Q10 is good and so is Goat Colostrum too.

By the way I took Goat's milk tablets a few years ago to help with my bones....it really helped.

Co-Q10 is good for people who are taking statins....but again it is to be taken with consultation with doctors.

Bengbeng said...

i am really putting on weight
need more nutritious food.. paradox huh :)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

My son took up marathon running and several hours of gym per week. He eats only vegetables and meat and no carbo. He is lean at 72 kg. He was 94 kg a year ago....but he is only 22.

Perhaps we belong to the slow metabolism group with a tendency to have a middle level spread...Eat like bird they say and we will trim down...

Ginseng is not fattening. Chicken without skin is good.

Ann said...


Go Go GO to your son. Which Marathon is he running.

Can you picture that little girl you knew who participated in St Mark's house because no one else would take part, and never won a prize and Peter Lau always telling hard luck, actually ran a marathon? It was quarter marathon, but still a marathon,

I was 50, and decided with a girl friend to run it. We trained for 3 months, and actually succeeded. My best present for my self, and really boost the {Wow!{ from my students when I tell them.

The next thing will be "Seeing Fruit" with you and lose some weight like your son. Alamack, I love my meat. BTW, my second daughter 22 soon has also turned vegetarian.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

My son is in Perth and he has taken up long distance running with some of his uni friends. Officially he has not participated in one yet. Waiting for one to come up in his neighbourhood.

Well I cannot really imagine how you ran such a great distance. We are not tall people with long legs!!

I really have to walk briskly....running is not quite my thing. I was always tennis and hockey and later volleyball player...more footwork than running. Sigh...

I love my meat too...but I am sure you daughter has reasons to be a vegetarian.

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