February 14, 2010

New Year in Miri 8 : Ikan Mengalan and Coffee Break

Count your blessings over the Chinese New Year holidays. I do that all the time.

My first blessing for the New Year should really be this fish : Ikan Mengalan which was about 1.5 kg. and really fresh from the river. I did not get cheated at the fish market.

Most Chinese must hit the road as early as 4 a.m. to buy the choicest meat and fish for the New Year Eve Dinner. Usually we would meet familiar faces in the market which we have frequented for the past twenty or so years! And it was good to be able to meet up a friend who has not been back in Miri for more than 4 years etc. etc.It is indeed nice to be in the fish market while the sun is rising. Car parking would be easy. But CNY time does not guarrantee that. We usually have to park some distance away.

I am reminded over and over again by this is a huge Chinese banner put up by a local advertising company - fu for blessing..(the photo is.a little over exposed!)

lOOK AT THE EYE of the Ikan Mengelan (my first blessing) !!

Scaled and ready for marinating.

Steamed in the traditional Foochow style : silver lily bulb and plum sauce.

My second blessing these days is often the free time I can have to have a long leisurely coffee break.....or yam char time. This morning I had a chance to have a Coffee break at Haw Loong Cafe. However to my surprise (I was never caught in this way) all the prices doubled for the New Year Season. I do know that all hairdressing salons charge double fees two week before CNY in Sarawak.

Father and Son. On the table the ubiquitous Kopi-O kaw..(Double black and thick locally brewed) Having coffee in a coffee shop is still very much a man's thing. But women do sit in the open air coffee shops in Miri and have their gatherings. There is one place however in Miri which is called "Old Men's Road". This has about 50 tables and most women feel awkward going there. Well may be we should do something about that.

This is my 8 treasure Pa Ting pork leg mee sua at special Chinese New Year double price . RM 9.00

Two blessings and more to come......Happy New Year!

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