March 19, 2010

Creative Artificial Garden on the 7th Floor of a Tall Building.

Boutec Hotel is on the 7th floor of a huge building.

To create a green environment it brings a Japanese garden into an enclave of the floor.

good is fairly new in the hotel industry and is centrally positioned for travellers who are not too fuzzy. The rooms are small and the price is around RM165 at the moment of writing.

You can easily check out at 4 a.m. if you wish to catch the Air Asia morning flight to Taipeh. Your taxi driver will be very punctual but don't forget to get his telephone number.

There are many pleasant taxi drivers in KK. But again be selective. And if luck is with you have a fixed taxi driver if you are frequent traveller. It is good to make friends with a nice KK Airport taxi driver. with a mobile phone it is always so easy.

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