March 9, 2010

Excellent Treasure Road (Jalan Kabor)

Have you seen this place before? The road has been newly painted just before Chinese New Year. I think it is the only indigenous motif painted road in Sarawak!!

Here in the photo  a lovely elderly couple is enjoying the morning sun while waiting for friends. It is always good to have benches to sit on in a busy city. I too would like to sit there and enjoy watching people passing by. What is going on in their mind?

Kabor is a Malay word and the road is called Kabor Road. The coffee shop has the Chinese  transliteration or "excellent treasure" - it is a nice name. Very auspicious too.

The Municipal has given this place a nice spandex roof - I believe it is the biggest in the whole of Sarawak! (Well done Miri). the roof spans across two blocks of shop buidlings facing each other. Whether the sun is bright or the rain is pouring down you will enjoy your time here.

This whole pedestrian walk has been turned into a nice open court with coffee shop tables..Two coffee shops serve this area. Many picnic tables have also been placed here and Chinese Chess is played throughout the day.

This is a very lMalaysia and (some women) from all races can sit here for as long as they like and wait for their families or friends to come by.

A Brunei friend said that this is the best "meeting up" place in Miri. It is also a safe place for older people.

The coffee shop owners are very sympathetic and helpful. Coffee is cheaper here than other places.

If you are lost and having nothing to do just come here and enjoy some interesting goings-on in Miri.
It is a place where you cannot feel shy. No coffee shop owner will give you the dirty look after you have been sitting down for more than two or three hours with  half empty cup of kopi-o.

Ing Kong Drug Store also sells newspapers in three languages.

Coming here in the mornings is a habit for many of these customers. If you like you can bring some fresh fish and one of the outlets which cook breakfast porridge will help you put the fish in your special porridge!

Jalan Kabor is not just precious or excellent can also get your porridge with your own special extra (or ka leu..jia liau..) There is also a lovely original Hainanese Chicken Rice stall which gives good service.

Another plus : the chendol and rojak stalls of yesteryears (named Stall No.1 to Stall no.10) have been centralised here...and you can have a selection of these traditional desserts sent to your table while waiting for friends to turn up.

Do you have such a place in your city for old folks to linger safely?


jay said...

I can't really recalled where actually Jln Kabor situated. But i always enjoy myself at coffee shop around Gloria Hotel area. There are many hotel around that area.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Jalan Kabor is between RHB and the old King Hua one end. At the other end is the old Mee Hua Shoe Shop and Ing Kong Drug Store...

Sin Lian Supermarket side. The old rojak stall at the corner opposite Gloria Hotel is gone. Now just a car park.

Bengbeng said...

i wanted so much to visit Miri but as luck would have it, the following day was a working day

Sarawakiana@2 said...

How long have you been in Sarawak? So you have never visited Miri before?

Hope that one day you and your family can visit us here.....William said that he missed the chance of meeting up with you!

Perhaps the MPSociety should consider getting a date set with Sunday and a non working Monday for its next event.

Jalan Kabor is a nice place for photography.

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