March 19, 2010

First Impressions

What better way than offering free use of long sighted reading glasses for seniors who come by to this little post office to send letters and postcards. This creative optician must be a very compassionate person. A nice plastic box with glasses advertises the shop's address with telephone numbers. It even provides ball point pens. Any senior would be touched by this kind gesture. In Taiwan very little English is used.

Sending postcards from Taiwan does not cost much. The post card is about 1.20RM and stamps about 3o sen. I hope this postcard will reach the addressee as I cannot write write Chinese!

My first meal in Taiwan with my friend - famous Taiwan beef noodles. This is one "must eat" dish in Taiwan.

Dumplings - very delicious and soft with lots of chives and mincedf meat. Both for RM10.00 Another "must-eat". But not every outlet makes good ones. You might be disappointed.

Pretty and bright flowers line the prettier and up scale roads...Tamsui area has some of the most expesnive real estate in Taiwan. I like the cleanliness and the politeness of the people we have met. As it is end of winter spring flowers are popping up from the icy grounds. It is lovely to see such wonders of the changing season.


Ah Ngao said...

which part of Taiwan you landed?

Jay said...

enjoy your holiday...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

We landed at the Taowyuan Taipeh airport. Quiet ladning and not many people. So it was nice...and well organised.

Sarawakiana@2 said...