March 29, 2010

Saying "Sorry" : Taiwan politician

This is a normal street bus in Taipeh. I took this quick photo from my coach seat (which was unfortunately at the back) and straight away my tour guide told me the story.

An election candidate created an unforgettable incident and regrettable action when he "offered" " leg tail" ( post funeral meal) rice to the supporters.

This was a sad act and he asked for forgiveness. In five years' time he might stand for election again.....

This bus carries his request for forgiveness. He has taken out this advertisement for five years which is quite a hefty sum. But will they forgive him?

(No names mentioned in this post )


Ann said...

Taiwanese politicians are not nice, they even physically fight in their parliament on life TV.

I didn't understand this leg tail business.

Re: Dhoby. I only knw about them when I went to Singapore and sat in the MRT. There is a Dhoby Ghuat Station. Later I found out they were Indian hand wash "launderers." Is there any Dhobies in Sarawak?

Sorry about the haze. Thankfully I left Sarawak before Haze became a popular word.

I normally do not hang my laundry out to dry. I put it in the drier and my heart ached. LOL God gave me a dry and breezy day. Not hot anymore, as I needed a light jacket.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yeah Taiwanese politicians are rough....with terrible tactics I heard.
Dobi or Dhoby is Indian word. Our Laundries here are all Dobi -s....

My husband likes to send his clothes to them for dry cleaning etc...and because of the detergents they use...the haze has spoilt our laundry days....

how I want the breeze and clean air back!!

Leg tail rice is lou puen (old rice) the meal you eat after funeral...if the old person who passed away had a long even get the bowls to bring back for good luck...I understand in Sibu the partakers steal the chopsticks and spoons....heheheheh

Ann said...

the lou puen, my dad told me the same about a healthy old person's birthday. People gate crash, and they DA PAW. But if the birthday person is sickly, no bodyy wants to go to the dinner.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes Ann...those who live up to 90 + years would usually have a huge lou puen. And people even take the bowls and chopsticks...not only tah pow the food for the other members of their families and friends!! It is still being done.