March 25, 2010

Short Stay at Bunun Village

 Taiwan Tourism  is very much geared towards world standards of eco-tourism and environmental friendly kind of tours. The tour guides are world class and in fact I heard from many that some of them are engineers and even architects who part time as tour guides in order to beef up the very knowledgeable pool of tour guides. Indeed our tour guide has great in depth knowledge of culture and history and geography of Taiwan and his linguistic skill in Chinese is superb. He was politically correct at all times. He would apologise if he thought he said anything untoward even when joking.

The Ti Lun Hotel at Donpo is famous as an Indigenous Bunun owned hotel. It has special programmes for tourists. The whole village is in fact focused on tourism as an industry. You feel that you are warmly welcomed by the whole village which is in fact made up of many winding and hill paths and shops which sell all sorts of natural products from tea to exquisite wood carvings.

The scenery is picturesque and the people very friendly and professional in their industry and outlook. All of them are articulate and very customer oriented. They take great pride in showing tourists what they have and what they sell. Taiwan is in their heart and soul.

There are two churches in this former "farming centre": a Catholic Church and a Protestant Church. It was Sunday morning when we departed for another place so I had an opportunity to sit for a while in this Church. We left punctually at ten in the morning . The church here starts its service at 9:30 .am. The Bunun children are bright and intelligent and will go far in education.

This Plains (Chinese ) people make popiah skin from scratch.

Hilly path.

Bunun Oven

A Bunun woman keeping the paths clean from the winter leaves.

Pretty path

Bunun carving from a tree trunk

Bunun boy performers

Bunun girls doing a dance number for the evening performance in the Ti Lun Hotel.

 There are tours  conducted in English. But it would be difficult to find hotels having English speaking staff unless you book into 5 star hotels.

More information for you : 
Tonpo, a small mountain village adjacent to the Yushan National Park, is well-known for its excellent hot springs. Situated around the Chen-You-Lan Creek, the village enjoys spring-like weather throughout the year. Surrounded by mountains, the climate here is fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer.
Located at the foot of Yushan and midway between Alishan and Sun Moon Lake, Tilun is surrounded with many natural attractions, such as forests, waterfalls, and cliffs.

Yushan or Mt. Jade, with height of 3,952 meters, is the highest mountain in the Formosa Island and is also the spiritual symbol for the people in this island.
For thousands of years, Bunun aborigines pray for a good harvest with beautiful sound of singing intertwined with the cascading waterfalls amidst the woods. Their mystic and ethereal chords echo and linger among valleys.

Hotel Tilun Donpo Spa
TEL: 886-49-2701616
FAX: 886-49-2701360
NO 86, Lane Kaikao, Tonpo village,
Hsinyi, Nantou, 556, Taiwan, R.O.C.


all3 said...

Chang Yi, when did you go to Taiwan?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Oh ho...middle of March....two weeks ago....10th to 16th

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, I love your pics here. Other pics shows a picture, yours tells a story, each picture.
You are a good create pictures. Outstanding.
Its a beautiful place and the Bunun people look friendly too.
Very scenic place....

Have you been to see the Mountain people, I think place called 'Oo Lai' or something similar.
And the Taiwanese women noted for their beauty too, ha ha.
I once took the same cpach tour two days in a row, not to see the scenery, but the beautiful tourist guide, ha ha.
She told me, "didn't I see you yesterday"? Ha ha...Lee.

Ah Ngao said...

they looks like the Alishans tribe ,are they ? your itineraries very2 interesting - this tour package very good.

[SK] said...

looks like a nice and scenic place, very different from Taipei.. hmmm, i've not been to Taiwan, i wanted to go too~~

Superman said...

I like the surrounding of the village. Very peace and calm. Nice.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Uncle Lee....thanks for your compliments...many of thee photography skills and picture framing skills came from my teaching practice days....but I love to look at paintings too and may be that's where I learn something for photography..but beauty of the earth can be "framed into picture"...You have nice way with words and praises...thanks from the bottom of my heart.

this is the heart of Taiwan south and west of Sun Moon Lake...Donpo and Nantou region...Hsitou is the bamboo forest...worth a go...
The tribes here are Bunun and Tsou. (Show brothers...Show tribe)

I will be writing about them..I met some PhD students too...studying about them.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao..there are about 14 important tribes of these Aboriginal people. The biggest are the Bunun and the rest are Ami and Tsou /Thao groups and others...
We have the usual itinerary but my photos are selected from my interests...First day - Taipei/Tamsui and shopping at Tamsui night market. Second Day - Yiliu (the Geopark) and Chung Cheng Memorial. Third Day - Sun Moon Lake (Tsou People)and Bamboo Forest .Fourth Day - Spa /Hotspring Bunun People Sunday at Village Grape Farm /More fruits and special chicken.... Fifth Day -half day on coach back to Taipeh - More shopping..Sixth Day - Homeward bound It was a special one for me and my friends...

You can pick and choose - more eco or more shopping...If you wish to do shopping only you don't join the eco tours...My next trip with be the South and Hua lian....may be next year...go in spring or end of winter...and buy a nice warm coat...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

SK...join a good ground tour...with a renown tour operator from Malaysia. Choose their package well...Must visit West Lake too...and don't do too many places. Each tour should include meals and coach with tour guide. The hotels we got were very good. Read on and you will get to know my Taiwan tour guide...superb.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Different people have different tastes..I enjoyed this tour because I went with a good friend who was very caring and active. We go either in pairs or in 3 small groups. The whole coach was made up of 31 business ladies and (3 men) originally it was to be only women....some women cannot leave thier husbands behind...hahahahaha..
The different groups never met each other in Miri before...But our leader was very choosy and made good decisions. So we saw a lot and ATE well...hahahaha..I love the scenic and nature places...We did go to 101 on the last day. Good experience...Important to choose fellow travellers.

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