March 20, 2010

Street Food and People of Tamsui Road

This trip is really an eye opener : lots of good food and lots of exciting sights. It is a feast for both the eye and the mouth!

My travelling partner is game for good food and she is one of the fittest ladies I know. Travelling like this needs a good physique and a healthy background. Our tour guide told us horrid stories of men and women who were not fit to travel. These stories cannot be repeated here. (If you want to know you can ask me when you meet me).

Here we shared one serving of Taiwan fragrant fresh sausage with glutinous rice sandwich. A new food for me.

Tamsui night market is world famous - lots of food and lots of clothings and other attires. It is a tourist delight. I can spend a week here enjoying everything. This lady walks in the middle of the street trying to pull customers with a box of free to taste goody.

An old couple (who have grown old togethere here in the last 30 years) selling Chow Tou Foo...smelly toufoo. My friend and I fell in love with this dish at first bite. I must say this tou foo is smelly no more!

Fragrant home made Taiwan sausages./

Taiwan "hotdogs"....also you will be surprised that many of these hotdogs are made from wild boar meat!!

The food is endless and so is the Tamsui Road.


Ah Ngao said...

i think one of the horrid stories is makan till " lau sai",is it? if i were there,im also scare eat till "lau sai".got to have a really tough stomach,though it's indeed hard to resist so much goodies around.after you chomp2 down so many types,...nothing happened ??

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao
You are a horrid horrid and imaginative person...when you travel in Asia you must always bring your Lamotil or other lau sai medication...

I bring my Foochow Sing Kung does wonders.

Ah Ngao said...

hehe...i'll bring my Cantonese "fung sha yuen".

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ho ho ho....
Ah son would bring his fung sha yuen like you...

Ann said...

My Kiwi born daughter also lke FUNG SHA Yuen. Didn't realise it is cantonese. Charcoal tablets are good too.

Now CY, you have two Cantonese enjoying your posts. So count yourself very honoured.

Do you know about 100 years ago, the Foochows and the Cantonese used to fight against each other. I even know an "uncle" who almost died in one of these fights. My dad said he was such an adventurer, the moment, he heard some thing like fight the Foochows, he would drop everything and off he went especially to Sarikei where the Sarikei Cantonese were always quarreling with the Foochows.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Well Ann
We are modern Chinese ...we speak our mother dialect...and don't fight like in the past..

Amongst my best friends I count several Sarikei Cantonese. May be they knew me as a Chang before they knew me as a Tiong. Perhaps that helps.

Would have been challenging to meet that uncle of yours.