March 7, 2010

Students in University of Malaya 1970's

There were several Foochow girls from Sibu who went to study in University of Malaya on scholarship. But the majority of Sarawak students at the University were highly intelligent and extremely friendly native boys.

This photo was sent through the Internet to me recently. How thrill I am to "see" the past!

Look at the hair! Look at the tight pants! And look at the nice warm smiles.

But most of all  I remember them as very lean and healthy from many miles of walking and helping with work at home in the kampongs.

The present YB Datuk Billy Abit Joo is a former student of Methodist School of Sibu. He stayed in the Boys Hostel from Form One to Form Six.Sophiee was also one of the Methodist School boys. Belawan went on to become Principal of SMK Sibu Rural. The young Datuk Seri Aziz Hussein is next to YB Datuk BAJ. Rony is in the middle.

This is a convocation photo sent by Rony too. ..

During the convocation I was tickled pink when the boys invited me to be part of their group photo......

The photo shows me wearing my "Orient" watch. The watch was my reward for passing the Primary Six Entrance Examination. It was $21.00 a hefty sum paid by my father. The watch was with me until my eldest daughter was about 2 years old.

 The photo also reminds me that we Sarawakians stuck together like siblings for the three years in MU.

When looking at the few photos I had of my MU days a lot of people asked me why were there no Foochow boys around then.

One of the answers : Perhaps Foochow boys were rich enough to go overseas then.

Photos : Courtesy of Rony Ahmad Assim (Mukah)

P/s Thanks to Rony who is a good photographer (then and now) we have memorable photos.


MaryMoh said...

I thought I feel so at home landing on your blog. You have brought back all the sweet memories of the good old days. Thanks for sharing.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Mary
Thanks for writing in!!
Good things are meant to be shared ....

Do drop by for a cup of goodness and a small plate of joy.

Followed by a big bowl (Size 5) of longevity.

You are always welcome...

Free Bird said...

You were one very stylish lady in uni. Your glasses must have been quite up to date hehe. Its nice to have fellow Sarawakians around you especially in college. A time, when you first leave the nest. I had very few Sarawakian mates in my Uni, and even if we knew each other, it was rare that we spent time together(we all had our own cliques we preferred to hang with) perhaps the new generation are not as united as your generation.

On the pictures.. I had to mention this. Very skinny legs I see. So skinny its almost criminal. This men's style is coming back. Very popular amongst malay and chinese boys. I see it everywhere. They shame women with big bottoms :p They call the style "Emo"

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Free Bird

You did not notice that I also have a dimple in my chin...that was also a remarkably fashionable trait at that time...yeah my glasses came from International Opticians (Uncle Tiong Tak King of Sibu)...the men really had thin legs....


Ahmad Rony Assim said...

Hi Chang Yi

For the record, immediately to your right in the convo picture is YB Jelaing Mersat, currently Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Home Affairs. Extreme left is YB Billy and the other person is Bolhan Tahir.

The black & white picture was taken at Cameron Highlands, which explained the sweaters.

Not sure whether the tight pants were "fashion" was more like asal ada, pakai, pakai lah!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi ARA..thanks for visiting my blog! Your photos are generating a lot of interest and I shall be making copies of them for my family. I think I will even enlarge the convocation one...Hope the YBs still remember us.

I was guessing that it was Cameron Highlands. Wasn't I in the trip too? Or was it a different one?

Nope it was the fashion then because I remember a few other boys went to have their pants "made smaller in the legs"....with the aunty in our 3rd College...Remember our tailor?

Free Bird said...

Haha, I did notice the dimple. Just like Travolta. Mine's getting deeper. Maybe cos I'm getting rounder. like pu lo sai.

Yes, emo or vintage emo. Started by rock bands now called "Emo rockers"(google up Emo bands), singing lethargic and slow but loud and noisy 'rock' music.

Usually associated to dark things like depression. Irritating. Yeesh. Its pretty much like how the Beatles influenced their fans dressing like them.

But younger generation has taken it to the extreme, seems to me it takes a lot of effort, the hair, the selection of accessories etc.. Some boys look like they're missing something... Your generation would definitely be considered naturally stylish or stylo :p

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Free Bird
Youngsters need some kind of idols to help them through their hormonal changes....the spurt of growth seems to challenge psychologists and business men. theformer will explain and the latter will try to make money out of them...there is a market out there! Tap it...

Ann said...

did I tell you it was whilst search for Billy Abit that I found you? I found a gold mine.

You were lucky to have such a good watch. I am not lucky with watches.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
Yeah...that's my famous Orient Watch...I really loved it very much. It is still in my brother's treasure box in my mother's house...with the blue strap.

It was really a wonder that you found me!!

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