March 14, 2010

Sunday photos : Church Creche

May be I would like to have a new category : Sunday photos and thoughts.....Here is my first..

My church has a creche to help parents who find it easier to worship in this special way. They need to take care of their little babies and at the same time come to worship on Sunday without feeling encumbered. It is terrible to be "hushed" in church because our child is making noise in the main worship area.

Good thoughts came to me as I observe these parents and little children....
Jesus said "Let the children come to me...."
Indeed it is important to present children to God (which ever religion you have) and they will grow in wisdom and love. Children who are brought early to the place of worship learn to love God early. That seed is planted in them and would soon germinate in their soul.

Parents play an important role in bringing up their children properly. No one can deny that. The church provides toys and soft landing for the children. Mothers sit comfortably on the floor if they like in this space. Babies can cry freely and the church cannot hear the cries.

Mothers and fathers sit on a bench and listen to the sermon. The creche has a loudspeaker.

Here the child is allowed freedom to move around. Kids cannot be expected to sit still for two hours!! It is not their nature! The creche is colourful and welcoming.

An important observation from a young man : "Each week as I observe the young parents looking after their children I think that if all parents are like them we will have no juvenile delinquency!"

Another young lady said to me" Aunty I dream that one day I will have a happy family and be able to bring my baby here..."

It is important for adults to set a good example. Good parenting speaks volumes. And this knowledge of good parenting is passed from one generation to the next ...our human endeavour.

Scenes like this gives people hope for the future.

P/S Some churches even arrange for a group of dedicated volunteers to look after the little children while the young parents can worship together in the main worship area. that's a good thought)


Ann said...

I have been helping out with the baby to 3 year olds. With lots of help, like you say, gives parents a chance to listen to the sermon.

A church in Singapore I went to had a "cry room" Here is a sound proof room at the back of the church with a glass pane so the parents can see and hear the church service. The 2 and above they have their own Sunday school.

An ideal creche would have a sound system so the adults can hear the sermon. The church I worshiped when my kids were young had this. This present one doesn't.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I am glad that most churches have a creche now. When my kids were young my church did not have one.

One Sunday I heard a commotion during a prayer. When I looked up my toddler (K - the boy) was standing next to the praying pastor.

I did not go to church for a few months because I got scolded by one "senior" lady...she said I should have been firmer....but that became my family story for a long time - often repeated.

Ah Ngao said...

may be in the near future,churches will get to have an "old babies room" - meaning...younno ,at times one of the spouse feels reluctance to accompany the other,so may be they can wait at the "old babies room" hehehe ! just joking ya ?don't get angry ya...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ah Ngao
This is truly a refreshing idea...nope I won't get angry....


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