March 23, 2010

Taiwan Food : Lunch at Sun and Moon Lake Restaurant

The Sun Moon Lake of Taiwan is the heart of Taiwan Island. As our tour guide said our group would only see the head and the heart of Taiwan as our tour time frame was too short.

After a slow pleasure boat cruise around the lake and a small hike up the hills we went to have a good meal at a special restaurant. We had to go "downstairs" from the road pavement i.e. the restaurant was perched on a lower part of the hill. As it was quite cool we found ourselves fairly happy and hungry after the trip. Thousands of tourists come to this place every day. And several of the waitresses have a "numbed" and "zombied" look. I felt so sorry for them. One announced "San Bei zi" through her teeth. She must have served her l millioneth tourist by then.....a few others were more ready to answer questions in their usual bright manner.

The food was partially Chinese and partially aboriginal. Therefore it was quite a nice change from our Miri fare in my opinion..

Fresh black mushrooms....oooo lllllaaaaa lllllaaaaa.

This is a fantastic dish of wild boar meat cooked to perfect tenderness in a Taiwan made mini Wang Neng Woh (multipurpose oven)

This is full of goodness local capsicum with very good beef.

This is a close up of the red lily bulb - a natural plant of the mountains. The Aborigines there do not suffer from cough and simple sicknesses (even SARS) because they east this every day. (That's what they said....I am just repeating it here....)

This is the famous 3 cups Chicken of Taiwan - l cup of wine-l cup of water and l cup of soya sauce and one chopped up chicken. Every tourist joining a Taiwan tour would guarantee to go home and cook this dish. It is really easy....But the difference is in the chicken. The Taiwan breed of chicken is very tasty and meaty.

By the way if you can only eat with fork and spoon you may have difficulties as throughout Taiwan the eateries give only chopsticks. No spoons are proivded unless you ask. But they may forget to give you upon request. You also need to request for serving spoons which is not their normal habit.

It was one pair of chopstick one guest. (We are now so used to our Malaysian book one bed one family one Malaysia one party.....when you go would cry out One Malaysian one spoon.....LOL)


Ann said...

hehehehe, have you heard from Old Ancient Chinese saying, the SEE FU will never teach the HOCK SEE ZAI 100%, he always keeps 10% to himself. This according to my very wise Ah Kung, the disciple will never be as wise as the master, in case the latter revolts.

When I read the 1 cup soya sauce, I wonder if the saying is true. So when you have eaten the delicious chicken, and you want to replicate it when you get home, it is never the same, because they actually did not use 1 cup of soya sauce.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann

3 cups chicken should have some other ingredients...I think the name is a good joke...heheheh...could be three little cocktail glasses too......hehehehe

But then again the Taiwan breed of chicken is huge...


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