April 28, 2010

Fuzhou : Juchuangyuan Lunch

 psst......I am borrowing this picture from Amoymagic...until I get a good one from my Sibu friends. On the day I took the outdoor photos my Sony went into a coma.

A special lunch was arranged for us by Mr. Huong (the man who has magical Foochow connections) at Juchuangyuan where we were putting up. Juchungyuan Hotel was established in 1860's.

It was a Foochow banquet with exquisite imperial cutlery and table settings. The lazy Susan is one of the biggest I have seen and the table was for twelve . It was the first time for many of us to have a taste of Fuzhou Olive Juice - one of the treasures of Fuzhou.

The hors doeurves(appetizers) were placed carefully and one by one on the table with a proper and almost imperial introduction by the pretty and well poised waitress.

Litchi Pork

Oyster Pancake - Fantastic.


Fresh and tender wine lees pork slices for the bao.

the lovely hot pot for the Big Combination Soup.

The Chak Hui Tuai Tong (Big Combination Soup)
This is a soup you can have several helpings because it is just too good. Drinking the soup in a cold day would remind you of your grandparents and send you down nostalgic memory lane! The goodness of the soup includes the expensive  razor clams and pig stomach and fish maw hides itself discreetly. The taro pieces will provide the sweetness of the fertile land.

I learned from Mr. Huong that Foochows eat razor clams before August for after that month they get pregnant and the taste of the flesh is changed entirely. I think we have to learn from our elders the wisdom of eating seasonal food and the biology of our seafood!!

Famous fish steamed Foochow style with soy sauce and tomato sauce with vinegar. Foochows have great fish for their banquets because it is a city  by the Min River and the sea is just a few miles away. You can be served two fish dishes even.

The juice of the local Fuzhou Ka Na - olive . Exquisite.

The impressive lunch with snippets of information from Mr.Huong and good wine made  the meal so unforgettable!

P/S The Big Combination Soup or Chak Hui Tuai Tong is a Big Dish for the Foochows since time immemorial. (Stay tuned for the recipe).


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Hi Ghosty Nana
Thanks for visiting! Yes...very attractive food which taste great too...chefs use seafood and meats as base of soup and sauces. And freshness is top priority.

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