April 29, 2010

Fuzhou : Three Fruits of Ming Chiang

Seasons come and seasons go. And if you live in Fujian for sometime you will know that soon a season ends by the appearance of a fruit or a disappearance of a favourite flower. Nostalgia can set in when you see that people are eating the last of your favourite fruit. And then you give a sigh - time passes by so quickly. And when you look at the mirror the first white hair has appeared!! Age has surely and firmly come upon you!

Or hope springs in your heart when you see your first watermelon! Perhaps your heart will give a stir for a summer adventure.

We are all different in how we perceive our world. Perhaps happiness for me is seeing the first rosebud.Perhaps happiness for you is seeing the first little rabbit jumping in the field!

With Spring and early summer many fruits will be harvested in Fujian.  April in  Fujian has given me the opportunity or even once in a lifetime chance to eat the glorious Fujian fruits of my ancestors. One of the popular ones is the peach:

This is the Fujian Pipa. Sweet and juicy. Even its skin can be eaten. But I understand that Taiwanese are particular. They will peel the skin off.

And this is the pride of Fuzhou : the Kana...still green it is tangy and has as little stickiness. I suppose it is an acquired taste. Having been brought up only to enjoyed the preserved types I find the fresh one a little difficult to eat. The juice too is not what every one may like. However people over there order it like we order Kalamansi  juiceor Air Limau here.

There are other fruits like little Li or li tzi and apples. I bought some nice plums and pittaya.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakiana, wow! Never seen such fruits before. But would love to try them one day.
My great grandparents came from Fukien province I believe.
My wife's father came from China, and she has relatives never met or seen or know there.
Interesting post....you keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Uncle Lee

May be soon you will be able to go to China for a tour!!

Glad to hear from you...have been wondering when you will have time to read posts by other bloggers..

Hope you are well and whistling a tune.

God bless.

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