April 25, 2010

Courtesy Call : Mr. Huong the Fuzhou Expert on All things Foochow

The various Sibu / Sarawak Foochow Associations' contacts with Fuzhou City have long been established since the opening of the Republic of China. Many clan associations have also visited Fuzhou in the last 30 years. And many of the Fuzhou Associations and Cultural groups have visited Sibu in particular.

The World Fuzhou Heritage Gallery of Sibu and the Sarawak Foochow Association were instrumental in this special tour to research on the tastes and flavours of Sibu Foochow forefathers.It was an enriching experience for me to be part of the team.

The first Fuzhou expert the group met was Mr. Huong Ping Kuoi of Fuzhou city. He "opened many doors" and his admirable expertise opened my eyes. Our meeting was held at the old branded and four star Juchuangyuan Hotel which was established in 1867. The famous dish "Buddha Jumps over the Wall" was created  in this hotel.

Mr. Huong has been awarded the special title "A Good Chinese Man" and is a consultant for cultural advancement and many other cultural and literary activities in Fuzhou. Besides he is also an exemplary model of ethics.

Exchange of books. Mr. Huong presented the Sibu group with his works. World Fuzhou Heritage Gallery Director (Mr. Tiong) presented a set of books written by Sibu Foochows.

Mr. Huong is 81 years old and he "wakes up at 2 a.m. and before he sleeps again he has worked 3 full half days". He has written more than 20 books since his retirement at the age of 65. Admirable!! It was a humbling experience to meet him.

These are the appetizers (hors d'oeuvres) served before a Foochow lunch/banquet hosted by the remarkable and very helpful Mr. Huong. He is a natural and talented organiser with emaculate leadership skills.

 Braised cold cucumber

Cold Preserved Papaya slices

Braised flat fish in soy sauce served cold.

Chinese radish slices braised in soy sauce served cold.

Dainty but delicious yellow eel slices braised in Foochow rice wine and coated in wine lees  (chow) - excellent  with a lasting wine flavoured after taste

Cold chicken slices

Pork Soup with quail eggs

Special cauliflower with kidneys and black fresh mushrooms

Well presented braised pork

Traditional Foochow combination soup (tuai chak huoi) of taro+pork stomach+ fresh seafood+chinese cabbage+ fresh mushrooms

Specialty Foochow fresh liver (only the middle parts of the liver is used) stir fried with spring onions and rice wine.

Foochow Spring Rolls.

World renown taro dessert (hot)


Bengbeng said...

with this kind of yummy food, i could eat many times a day

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Bengbeng
you will need to run many km too...I did a lot of walking in Fuzhou...and had a great experience with Tui Na...which helped...now my left calf is quite capable of walking...another project : shrink the tummy....


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