October 5, 2010

Danger : Crocodiles in the River

Miri has a crocodile farm where you can see thousands of large crocodiles.

Not very long ago a man saw a crocodile in the Miri river quite near the Piasau bridge.

It was good fortune that this man was quite an influential man and immediately a sign board was put up.

So now little kids don't jump off any pontoon to have a good swim in the river!

Take care !


Bengbeng said...

wow this is a dangerous development

Ah Ngao said...

once a while,you hears reports of crocs found in monsoon drain too. lately,theres this crocs found lepak lepak in the pool park at Serian.imaging this....while you're fishing and you felt a "thug" with your line and you check it out,...suddenly the big jaws of the croc lunch out of the water - scary ! isnt it ?

Ann said...

a certain man reared crocodile in Binatang, and he only used chicken wire to fence them in. I saw these crocs when I went to his property. One was really big.

One year, the floods went higher than the chicken wire fence, all his crocs escaped, and the people scolded the silly old man.

Oh dear, have I told you this before, I recently told my husband. He LOL

Sarawakiana@2 said...

It is always wide to put signs like this up in Sarawak. These crocodiles must be the remnants of some man reared crocodiles.

But again the indigenous believe that Man and wild animals like crocodiles have an understanding - you don'[t harm me and I don't harm you....Crocodiles have long memories and there have been tales of crocodile revenge...

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