May 6, 2010

Do you have a driving licence?

Adakah anda mempunyai lesen memandu? (Do you have a driving licence?)
Yes, I do.

Bilakah anda mengambil lesen memandu? (When did you get your driving licence?)
In 1974.

Berapa lamakah pengalaman memandu anda? ( years of experience in driving?)
Since 1974 until now.

Pengalaman pahit ketika memandu?( any bad experience?? )
Oh yes, in the first 10 years of driving I got involved in 3 car accidents! All during heavy rain!!

Pengalaman manis? ( Any good/memorable experience??)
When I am driving with family to all over Sarawak. We bring food rations along the way and stop to eat at the canteens or 'gerai' at the side of the road. But once we had the most memorable dinner at Betong. There was this fantastic soup my third daughter wanted to finish every drop!! She was hungry? Or may be it was because the soup was colourful.

3 tabiat ketika memandu? (3 habits while driving )
I love listening to the radio.
I love looking at the scenery outside.
I like having friends in the car.

3 pantang time I memandu (3 things you dislike )
I dislike big cars following too near behind me.
When a car trying to cut the queue without signalling me.
I dislike motor cyclists who wind in and out of the lanes....

I was tagged by Puan Isah (Blindperfect) along these others:

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A Woman's Diary
in Rainbows

Let's see how it goes...thanks Puan Isah...what happens next?'s it is..I would like to tag the following (Please answer the above questions in your blog):

William Ting
Peter Yong
James Wong
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Ann said...

In the 70s, I think you should know. Sarawak driving licence were very popular with West Malaysian students. Because our little red booklet did not have our photos.

West malaysia often befriended Sarawakians just to borrow their drivers' licence.

This was what my friends who went to KL told me, esp those who went to TAR college.

Is this true?

Puan Isah said...

Thanks for doing the tag,nice to know I am not the only one having some bad experiences when driving :p
I was tagged by another blogger friend prior to tagging you so I just did it for fun & it was the first time I've been tagged. I guess I did take you away from your usual blogging topics :)
Really...thank you for doing it!

p/s. I am doing a 'Mother's Day Giveaway' small contest at my blog. Please do check it out and do join. It is open to everyone, and all your friends here!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann

this is an interesting young people try to beat the system since time immemorial...I do remember my red driving lincense without the photos. But I only used it in Sarawak...never drove in West Malaysia as I got mine after I graduated from MU. But I am sure the motorcyclists from Sarawak had their good memories driving in West Malayisa!!

West Malaysians were often the taikoh who knew every thing...including how to "befriend" and cheat the poor Sarawakians who are fairly too innocent!! hahahahah

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Puan Isah

I hope I am tagging my friends in the right way!!

May be you too could help write to my friends too!! That is a nice "double tagging" double

Puan Isah said...

I don't mind visiting their blogs, are those names their urls? If not how to go to their sites he he...
Yes you are tagging the right way, at least that's how I saw my friend who tagged me did it :)
It'll help if you tell them you are tagging them & they will see what you did here :)

Do call me isah :)
have a wonderful day!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Isah

Hope I got it correct...but then it is nice to share experiences .....thanks.

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