May 8, 2010

Will you Go when you are Called?


Thousands of children like these are in Ulu Kapit waiting for you to say hello....and to make their day!

Will you go and answer to a cry in the wilderness?

Join the next mission trip to Kapit - 11-15th June 2010 organised by Grace Methodist Church of Miri led by Dasline Sinta.....there are places for you who have a kind heart and a desire to meet children like these.

He is in an old wooden ULU school (next to a long house) and is wondering what his future will be like. He needs to know you!

Here's a boy in an ulu boarding school trying to give himself some medicine. Any mother's heart would break seeing this picture. He does not have a cup. He uses his multipurpose basin for his water.

These children wash their own clothes. (This is the way they wash their clothes - they put the clothes under a tap. Wash! Wash! And then hang the clothes to dry. After their first week in school the school mother will show them how to wash...but they don't have money to buy soap powder/detergent. And the school does not supply them the primary school children wear very OFF White shirts full of molds.....)

You can make a difference. Go and see for yourself!!

Contact: Dasline Sinta at or 019-8155225 or Pastor Lau 012-8770303

May God Bless You and your family!!

Photos from Sarawakiana's travels in Ulu Sarawak.


wenn said...

very independent ones!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes the Ulu Children of Sarawak Indigenous Peoples start boarding school at the age of 6 when they enter Primary one. Hopefully Kemas and other Kindergartens would start their classes in the various that no kids are left behind.....Question : how does a child of 6 or 7 learn to keep himself clean?
thanks for visiting.

Ann said...

My bro in law Kallang taught in schools like that.

May I tell you something funny and sad at the same time. When my Dad was working as DEO and school supervisor, he visited such school. He saw kids eating out of leaves.

He asked didn't the school buy plates.

Yes, said the principal, but they kids were lazy to wash so they threw the away in the bush and the stream and report they had lost them. With leaves, there was no need to wash.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann

Yes...I have heard many other similar stories...something from your Dad would be is sad actually about those incidents...and somehow we should be( in this century )able to do what James and Mary Hoover did in 1920's..and what the Catholic brothers and Methodist missionaries were able to do in the 1960's....

The Indigenous People still have a lot to catch up with.....quantum leap indeed!! Bless your brother in law's heart.

Anonymous said...


These two photos really break my heart....


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Jusin

Thanks for dropping is good to show some of these poor children who have to go to boarding school so early in life....

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