June 20, 2010

Miss Mona Pengelly - More Photos in Sibu

How has Sibu changed since you last came?

"I can hardly recognise anything since I last came!" Miss Mona said. And she was here in 1982.

Miss Mona must take lots of photos to show other British missionaries who served in Sibu. And this is one of them...papaya trees!

"It is really hot and I have to wear my sunglasses...It was much cooler then in Bukit Lan." She told Meng Lei as we walked towards her old clinic.

The house has recently been renovated. More concrete now!

Miss Mona showing Judy slides she made in 1969!!

We stopped by Hose Lane - The Jasmine in those days was torn down and now stands a huge complex which still belongs to the Methodist Church.

Peter Lau was a leader in Boys' Brigade in 1970. Mrs. Wong Bing Sing later took over GB when Miss Mona left Sarawak. We had lunch at Tang Kee across the river . That's another change she saw. Peter remains a very good host. You seem to get anything you mention. Miss Mona said ":Pudding" and like magic pudding was served!!

A very memorable lunch at Tang Kee with good friends from 40 years ago!!
Miss Mona enjoying Girls' Brigade's 40th Anniversary Concert with good friends (Rev Lenita- Eleanor Goh and Mrs. Wong)at the Dewan Suarah of Sibu.


Ann said...

Mrs. Wong Bing Sing has not changed from 10 years ago. After her maternity leave in 1967, she became my Maths teacher. She taught me on and off from form 1 to form 5. Mr. Wong has aged .

Ann said...

It is good for Mona to revisit Sibu esp the SAN BA where she gave so much of her life. I really like the boar injection incident.

Do you remember when we were in Primary School, there was this unmarried tall American woman who worked as some sort of a supervisor. One day, I don't know how I had a pencil sharper and cut my finger. I was sent to her, and she used iodine, and said," This is going to hurt." Boy!!!! did it hurt. that was the only time in my life I had iodine applied to me.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann Mrs. Wong Bing Sing was a really good Maths teacher. But I do remember her teaching good geography. When she first came she had a very strong American accent. No one could imitate her well...kekekekek

Remember Mr. Wong was called Handsome Wong?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
I love the Boar Story too...must have been really initimidating to "cure" an old boar!!

This lady was Miss Annette Constantine. I corresponded with her for a while and then we lost touch. This was because she moved to a retirement home and I did not know about it. Later I found out but it was too late already. Yeah I remember her lovely white cotton blouses and nice feet. I think she was a very systematic lady (from the eyes of a small primary school student).

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