July 23, 2010

Ministers' Breakfast Menu at Choon Seng in Sg. Merah

Sg. Merah - the place where the Pioneering Foochows first set foot on in 1901.

Today it is fast changing. Besides good historical background it is also a place where ministers and politicians will have breakfast like ordinary people.

Go to Choon Seng Coffee shop and order : Ministers' Breakfast Menu Set and you get this

Great Local Coffee (White) and very sweet because it is made with condensed milk.....

You also get slices of toasted bread oozing with butter and kaya.

This is Mr. Wong - not Minister Wong. (I think half of Sibu is Wong) Meng Lei normally drinks Chinese Tea...but for this occasion he is giving himself a treat.

Feature writer Yong Gien Hwong taking a photo of Mr. Goh - the Coffee Barista who has been in the coffee making business since he was 7 years old.

So give it a try....See you at Choon Seng Coffee Shop.


Ah Ngao said...

that glass of coffee looks " kao".btw, Sarawakiana,do you sleep well if you down one big cup of coffee during bedtime in the evening??

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I can drink coffee kao kao any time and just droop off.... Sleeplessness is caused by something else in my case.

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