July 12, 2010

An Old Friend

we were grieving for my father and mum's hair turned white overnight. She also suffered from high blood pressure immediately. As kids we did not know really how to comfort her. But God sent a young girl who was in need of some pocket money and this young girl by the name of Ah Ling came to baby sit my little brother then only 11 months old.

Ah Ling's family lived across the road and rented a small apartment. My mum and her mum developed a very close relationship both having lost their husbands in different ways.

I could often hear the two of them talking in very low voices. But I never knew what their exchanges were as my mother was very tight lipped.

Today I know a little of Ah Ling's family difficult back ground. But I am glad that she herself has brought up a good family and her own siblings have done well!! A brother is an engineer with a doctor wife. Her own children are going to finish university. And all the others are doing well....Those of us who have lived in Kung Ping Road (Brooke Drive) are inter connected and feel happy for each other!!

We are so inter connected one way or another and it is good to know that friends are doing fine.

She sells good chicken in Sungei Merah.....God's Grace is sufficient.


Ah Ngao said...

she looks great ..! - full of energy and enthusiasm for life.

Ann said...

What are in those plastic jars? Spices to brew chicken soup?

Your mum's hair turned grey overnight?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao
Yes...actually she has lost her husband a few years ago to illness. Pity. But she is a strong lady. Hats of to her.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Ann
Yes the Chinese saying : Hair turned grey overnight became a reality with us..because we were were shocked...

The Horliks jar (glass) are now discontinued and she has been keeping these jars for more than 10 years. The blue of Horlicks is the brand colour. Ovaltine is red and Milo is green...the contents are different items she is selling.

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