July 16, 2010

Saildance II in Miri

SaildanceII is owned by Peter and Virginia Dimsey. Peter is from Cheltenham (England) while Virginia is New York born. They had stopped over in Santubong and later in Sibu where they met up Philip Hii and Steve Ling and others of the SPS. Peter and Virginia also visited Bawang Assan and enjoyed the longhouse hospitality besides watching a mini-regatta.

SaildanceII was built in Southampton (England). Upon retirement 4 1/2 years ago the couple decided to sail around the world in their own Oyster(Yacht model). Naming the boat took some time but the name is truly a gem.

Saildance II flies the Marshall Island flag as it was registered there.

The Dimseys and their crew set sail on 16th July after having spent two weeks in Miri. They visited Mulu and the Niah Caves. They also took a day trip to Brunei and were very impressed.

The name of the boat and information that it was registered in Bikini of Marshall Islands at the back of the boat..

Virginia waving good-bye. Saildance is motorised out while still in the Marina and when it is on the sea the sails will go up.

While on Malaysia waters the SaildanceII will fly the Sarawak flag (bottom) and the Malaysian flag (above) as signs of respect for the country they are in.

Virginia is very friendly and has found a great friend in Honey Bee. Virginia and Peter love riding their foldable bicycles around in Miri and enjoyed the sun tremendously. They have developed a great liking for local organic vegetables and fruits! Before they set sail they saw and bought a giant pomelo.

Peter Dimpsey's Saildance II slowly being motorised out of the Marina Bay.

Hope that the wind will be good for them as they head towards Labuan - their next stop. Miri has been a good stop over for them.


Ah Ngao said...

these ang mohs very courages ,not scare of pirates.i like to sail if i got a catamaran but...i'm scare of pirates.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Ah Ngao....yeah...pirates are actually driving a lot of people home to their own ports....Heard there is a lot of piracy in the Indonesian waters.

Anonymous said...

Shame the pirates didn't get these guys - the most horrible woman to ever set foot on a boat.

Anonymous said...

So I'have heard indeed!

Anonymous said...

Where are you now? I saw your boat listed in the Summer Social Register listing; I am 70, finishing my M.A. in Anthropology at NYU and looking to return to the Pacific and the water soon. I sailed in Polynesia and Melanesia in the 1970s, 36ft. Ketch. Best of luck to you! Victoria Vanzandt-Southwell, vs2029@nyu.edu

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