August 26, 2010

Baby Boy Photos - Foochow Style

For the past few generations amongst the Foochows in Sibu it has always been the joy of parents to photograph their baby boys in the buff especially in a bath tub. You can call this parental pride or glory for having a male child in those earlier days. And it can also be called a photographic keepsake of a baby's maleness.

A picture like this brings a lot of smiles definitely. No doubt some of you might even have a photo of yourself when you were babies (male or female) in different cute poses in a bath tub.

However in retrospection I really feel that it  indeed is very significant is that the baby's first bath time is momentous . As a new parent I had my camera ready to take photos of my babies when they were born and when they were having their baths.And I am sure now in this digital age many parents are even more ready with  their camera to take photos of their new baby boy (especially)!

There many different poses parents can put the child in e.g. baby in towel - father bathing baby - father and mother bathing baby etc...All these photos would enrich the photo album and the memory of the child. Most of us remember things and events up to four or five years. So it is good to  snap baby photos for the baby as keepsakes.

Here's a beautiful one - baby boy in a blue tub. (Baby girls in pink tubs..)

And to day we not only have photo albums but Face Book Albums!! As I look at my former student's Facebook I just can't help but fall in love with her new baby boy....and this is such a beautiful baby photo...which I am sure will be treasured by all.

These are other photos I collected from the Internet for my post today. I hope you can see how happy babies are when they are in their bath.

And kudos to Mag for taking beautiful photos of her children and thanks for giving me the permission to use the photo ....And may angels protect baby boy always. Happy memories. And I do hope that all these innocent babies would have happy childhood surrounded by good parents who only want the best for them.


Ann said...

very brave of your friend Mag, these days people are scared of posting children and babies photos. You never know if there is a weirdo lurking in cyber space.

here in NZ, people now worry abour facebook.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks for letting me know....that's why I did not give her full name too...she has them on her facebook too...but within Malaysia it is still ok...I have known of some FB problems in our neighbouring countries....

Ann said...

This is why I don't want to be on FB.

This is a true case, group of girls have a "close" a/c, if this is the correct term to use. They circulated themselves photos in skimpy swimwear, skimpy enough to be considered rated. The boy friend of one of the girls posted it on the "public" a/c.

Today, one of the fellow bloggers posted on some silly people's FB stupid remarks on the Philippines incident.

This highlighted the dangers of FB.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes my friends and I had serious discussions on FB...and many columnists have written about it too....

Manyof my relatives have "unfriend" many...and eventually will close.

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