August 13, 2010

Miniature bitter cucumber - fence climbers

We have lots of these miniature bitter cucumber growing all over Miri.

At a recent gathering some Koreans were so amazed by them. They were picking them from the fences in my friend's house.

Actually I do not know its scientific name and the young home owner would like to find out too. We are all very happy that these little climbers are found all over Luak Bay and birds are often seen picking on the mini fruits too. I love to see the yellow flowers growing amongst the weeds outside my gates. Furthermore I think the little green gourds are quite edible.

So I hope Greenspot will help us to name the plant!!

when the season is back I will take more photos and better ones too.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Sarawakania, I remember seeing these plants long ago.....but re their real names, like we Canadians will say, 'search me', ha ha.
Always get educated or enlightened popping into your blog.

Talking about fence climbers, I used to have those 4 angle beans growing profusely on my fence long ago....and my maid and neighbours will have lots to make sambal.
We get them here too, imported.

You stay easy and keep well, Lee.

Patriotic said...

what is it for??

Bengbeng said...

is it wat some locals call tu bohh leng or pig female breast?

Ann said...

you can market this organic KU QUA. I think I should have seen it at my parent's house.

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